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Anjou Blackhead Remover Comedone Extractor, Curved Blackhead Tweezers Kit, 6-in-1 Professional Stainless Pimple Acne Blemish Removal Tools Set, Silver

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A Useful Skin Care Kit

No more picking on your skin with your hands! The Anjou Blackhead Remover Kit provides a cleaner and more hygienic way than your fingers to remove impurities like acne, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads that are holding your self-confidence back!

6 Tools for a Clearer Complexion

Tackle all sorts of clogged pores on your face, back, and chest with this 6-in-1 blackhead remover kit. 6 differently sized bottlenecks, needles, and tweezers will help you extract all kinds and sizes of facial flaws with the appropriate tool for a clearer face.

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  • A Useful Skin Care Kit: A cleaner and more hygienic way than your fingers to remove impurities like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and pimples
  • 6 Tools for a Clearer Complexion: 6 differently sized bottlenecks, needles, and tweezers effectively help you handle pimples and acne of different sizes and types
  • Ergonomically Shaped Stainless Steel: The tools are durable with a rust resistant stainless steel and anti-slip handle that helps you better control the pressure and get a secure grip during use
  • Convenience for Traveling: Individual leather package is convenient for storage and transport; integrated mirror enables you to use it everywhere
  • Precaution: We recommend to use the kit on acne that is ripe enough and please wipe all tools with rubbing alcohol before and after each use

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Blackhead Remover, ElleSye 6-PCS Pimple Comedone Extractor, Blackhead Removal tool, Whitehead Blemish Acne Zit remover tweezer kit for Risk Free Nose Face, Cleaning Coating Handle

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Stop Popping with Your Fingers

There are bacteria in fingernails. If you pop pimples with your fingers, it may cause bacterial infection and make your pimples or acnes worse. Now we have these tools to do such a job for us. This blackhead removal kit is designed to replace your finger, helps to minimize the risk of bacterial infection.

One Set for All

Powerful tweezers is strong enough to meet your every need. It can be used to pierce open acnes, scrape off whiteheads on your nose wing and pick up pimples. And it fits all of your family members. Different kinds of loops are designed for different sizes of pimples and acnes. You can choose which one to use according to the size of the pimple.

Easy-to follow Instructions Included

If you are confused about what are all these tools used for, we have an instructions in the package to help you understand. It clearly introduces the functions of all the tips for you.

5 Easy & Safe Steps

These comedone extractors are less damage to the skin than squeezing with your fingers or nails. Follow the instructions carefully and always remember to be gentle.

Step 1: Clean your face with cleansing products. Remember to be gentle with the area of acne.

Step 2: Take out the acne needle from packing box. Then, disinfect the needle and press ring with medical alcohol.

Step 3: Using needle to pierce the maturing acne gently.

Step 4: Take acnes opening as the center, put on the press ring and then press down the ring slowly.

Step 5: Using distilled or anti-inflammatory water to clean the area of acne after squeezing it. Finally, wipe it.


You skin may be slightly bleeding when the blackhead or pimple is removed. Please use a clean cotton pad to press it gently, and it will be fine several minutes later


6 x Blackhead Tweezer Tool

1 x Storage Case


The tool includes a 45 day money back & 18-month warranty.

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  • EFFECTIVE BLACKHEAD REMOVER TOOL: 6-piece of blackhead removal tools in different sizes and angles for extract blackheads/whiteheads and remove different sizes of pimples, zits, acnes, fat grains on your chin, cheek, forehead and nose
  • CLEAN & HYGEIAN STAINLESS STEEL: Made of high quality stainless steel keep clean. All blackhead removal tools are polished, which means they will not hurt your skin, no need to worry about scarring anymore
  • POWERFUL TWEEZERS: The blackhead tweezers with sharped tips, not only can be used as a tweezers, but also a whiteheads scraper. The curved tip is specifically engineered to prevent injury and skin reaction.
  • USING IT WITHOUT PAIN: This blackhead remover tool won't cause any damage and scarring. Scientific tips even hold things firmly and won't irritate your skin or bring any hurt. We don't suggest use any blackhead remover tool before the acne matured.
  • EASY CARRYING STORAGE BOX: Comes with a rust-free and waterproof storage box for keeping your tool in prefer order and easy carrying your blackhead remover tools with you when travelling

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BESTOPE 6pcs Blackhead Remover Extractor Tweezers Tool,Comedone Pimple Extractor Acne Zit Popper Blackhead Removal Tools Kit Treatment for Blemish Risk Free Nose Face Skin

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How to Use the Blackhead Remover Tool?
Step 1: Wash your face first and make sure both the skin and the remover tools are clean. However, avoid doing this right after washing the face because the blackhead would be too soft and thus making it difficult to plug it out without breaking it.
Step 2: Locate the spot where blackhead surfaces. Gently press down on one side of the blackhead - move the tool across the top, and plug it with the tip of aextractor.
Step 3: Cleanse your skin again, and apply toner and moisturizer.
Step 4: Wash the tool in hot soapy water and allow to air dry - or wipe with alcohol.

Make sure to use clean hands. When trying to remove whiteheads and blackheads it is essential Dirty hands will only spread bacteria.
Apply gentle pressure. Squeeze the sides gently forcing the contents out and wipe off with a cotton ball. Make sure that squeeze out all the contents of the blemish as anything left in the skin can get infected and lead to more blemishes.
Clean the area. Clean the area again with witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide. Followed by a dab of tea tree oil which is antiseptic to prevent infection and promote healing.

Package Include:
6 X Blackhead Remover Tools
1X Metal Case
1 X User Manual

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  • 6-IN-1 USEFUL SKIN CARE TOOLS: 6 Different sized needles, loops and tweezers effectively help handle all types of blemishes and bumps, blackhead, acne, comedone, pimples and zit.
  • BLACKHEAD TWEEZERS: The aligned straight and curved tweezers work better on place that hard to reach than loops. Both tweezers are razor sharp, be gently and careful!
  • 100 STAINLESS STEEL: All these blackhead tools are durable with surgical grade stainless steel helps to minimize the risk of bacterial infection.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomically Shaped tools and Anti-slip handle to help you better control the pressure and get a secure grip during use.
  • PACKAGE AND PRECAUTION: Individual metal case is safe and convenient for storage and transport. Be gently during use and dont use any blackhead remover tool before the acne matured, user manual included.

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Blackhead Remover Acne Tool 9PCS Kit, Aooeou Professional Stainless Steel Curved Pimple Tweezers Comedone Extractor Instrument Tool Set for Curing Facial Blemish Whitehead

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  • 9 in 1 Pimple Popper Tool kit : The professional hygienic stainless needles won't cause sensitivity issues and works on all types of skin and keeps your skin away from injection.
  • Blackhead extractor These ultra-sharpened precision needle ensure that there is no damage to your skin or pores
  • Blackhead comedone extractor : The blackhead remover kit includes 9 different high quality extractors which are made of stainless steel for rust-free, corrosion and stain resistance
  • Remover Blackhead Skin Care Tool : Targets problem areas without causing unnecessary redness, irritation, or damage to your skin
  • Blackhead facial :Perfect to store in your bathroom mirror, travel case, or makeup bag to manage pesky breakouts

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FIXBODY Blackhead & Splinter Remover Tools - Stainless Steel Professional Easily Cure Pimples Whiteheads Comedones Acne Zit Ingrown Hairs and Facial Impurities Bend Head Tweezer Surgical Kit

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Are you still worry about for the acne and pimple

Say goodbye to blackhead and pimple with FIXBODY Premium Professional Blackhead Tweezer
Keep a smooth and spot-free skin has never been so easy:
All tools of Blackhead Tweezers are made from Stainless steel,prevent corrosion and minimize risk of infections.
Pointed tip tweezer handles ingrown hairs and poping easily,perfectly aligned for precise plucking.
Extractor with different size loop on each end swiftly and effectively get rid of your pesky blackheades with no irritation.
Small and come with a case,portable for travel.

Get a professional job done without going to the professionals

Stop making things worse by using your hands

How to use the Acne Needles & Tweezers

Step 1: Washing your face, make sure your face is clean;

Step 2: Sterilization the acne needles & tweezers;

Step 3: Put a needle prick skin, blackheads, acne, acne up pick parts of fibrous tissue under the skin;

Step 4: Clip and put out the pus by the bend head tweezer;

Step 5: When squeezed, pressed down acne openings in the middle circle, or moved slowly until the hole close to the wire side .If suddenly crowded out, try to change direction.;

Step 6: After use, using toner and clean, delicate skin fresh and clean and smooth. Extrusion coated with a certain thickness of acne cream or sterilized water.

Attention Please:

1.Please don't use fingernails press out blemishes when you are removing blackheads,acne,comedone,fat granule.Or squeezing such blemishes by fingernails will cause scars or skin marks

2.Overuse could cause some irritation and potentially some scarring.

3.The tips are razor sharp,so even if you are careful you will probably scratch yourself.

Package including:

1 x pack case.
1 x skincare bend head tweezer.
1 x acne needle.

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  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL QUALITY - All tools of Blackhead Tweezers are made of 100 dermatologist grade surgical steel to allow safe sterilization, prevent corrosion and minimize risk of infections.
  • EASILY PERFECTLY PRECISE PLUCKING - Pointed tip tweezer handles ingrown hairs and poping easily,perfectly aligned for precise plucking
  • EASILY CLEANED& COVER PROTECTED - The stainless steel allows the tweezers to be easily cleaned and has a small rubber cover/sleeve to protect the tip
  • KEEP CLEAN & EASYLY CARRY - These kits come in a customized tin carrying case to keeps safe and clean. Easy for storage or transport
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - No question asked refund. 100 money back guaranteed if unstaisfied for any reason.

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AsaVea Blackhead Peel Off Mask With Brush, Black mask, Blackhead Remover Mask, Purifying Black Peel off Charcoal Mask, Pore Removal Peel off Strip Mask Blackhead Acne Black Mud Facial Mask 80g

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Our activated charcoal mask is well-loved by many beauty gurus. Our nourishing and ultra effective peel off formula deeply cleanses
while purifying the skin of impurities, dirt, blackheads, oil, and acne. Experience softer skin, minimized pores, and a brighter complexion with regular use of the deep cleansing black facial mask.
Your skin oil balance will be improved and complexion will look firmer and cleaner. Our beauty mask also comes with a lovely pink brush.
How to Use:

STEP 1: Wash skin with your favorite cleanser.
STEP 2: Place a warm towel over face for 3-5 minutes to open pores.
STEP 3: Evenly apply an opaque, even layer to clean, dry skin. Avoid the hairline, eyebrows, eyes, and mouth.
STEP 4: Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until completely dry. Gently peel off the mask from outer edges.
STEP 5: Rinse off any residue with water and follow with your favorite moisturizer.
Tips for best results:

1. Test a small amount of product to a small area of clean dry skin such as the T-zone, nose or chin area.
2. The thickness of the mask should be moderate. If the mask is applied too thin, it will not be easy to peel off the mask and the adsorption effect is not as effective.
If the mask is applied too thick, the waiting time for the mask to dry would be too long.
3. Mild blackheads: once a week
Moderate blackhead: twice a week
Severe blackheads: 2-3 times a week.
The product comes with:

1 tube of Essy Beauty activated charcoal mask
1 silicone mask brush
If there is any questions or problems at all, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make every effort to respond to all customer service inquiries as soon as possible.

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  • Peel-Off Mechanism:Detoxifying Bamboo Charcoal Complex helps to unclog your pores, control oil, and reduce wrinkles. Natural gelling agents adhere tightly to your skin to help remove blackheads like a suction cup.Ingredients come from natural sources
  • The mask contains bamboo charcoal with high absorbing ability. It absorbs blackheads and aging skin, easily dissolve blackheads in pores , and soften the horniness .
  • Enriched with polypeptide collagen, it whitens & leaves the skin silky smooth.
  • By controlling oil and water balance, it gives your skin an energetic glow from inside.
  • Attention: Before you use the mask, you can take a little on the inside of the wrist, or behind the ears, half an hour after the adverse reactions.
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Eunon Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum - Upgraded Strong Suction Rechargeable Electric Blackheads Removal Tool Pore Cleaner Zit Popper Comedone Acne Pimple Extractor with LCD Dispaly, Unisex

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Eunon Blackhead Remover Machine - Give Back You a Blemish Free and Refreshed Face!

Exclusive Large LCD Digital Screen
The operation time, battery status and suction modes (L1 (Make-up residue); L2 (Acne); L3 (Blackheads))are clearly displayed on the large LCD screen, very convenient to use.

Use Instructions:
1. Before use:
a. We suggest to use a warm towel or steamer to open your facial pores before operating this machine; 
b. Please test the probes and suction levels on your hand skin firstly in order to get the most suitable probe and suction for you.
2. During use: 
Please keep moving this device in a one-way straight line instead of up and down or back and forth! This is very important! Because if stay in the same place over 2 seconds, or move back and forth may leave red marks or bruises on your face.
PS: Suppose that red marks left on your face due to misoperation or prolonged operation, please don't worry or panic, they will disappear in 1-2 days. You can apply an iced facial mask to reduce the symptom.
3. After use: 
a. We recommend to apply an iced facial mask or cold water to calm skin and close pores; 
b. Apply face moisturizer to lock moisture is also necessary.

Exclusive fully sealed aseptic packing, ensures you an absolutely hygiene and brand new beauty blackhead remover machine.

Technical Specifications:
Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 3W
Current: <600mA
Battery Capacity: 850 mAh
Charging Type : USB Charging
Charging Time: 60 mins
Working Time: 150 mins

What You Get:
Blackhead Remover Machine x 1
Probe Heads x 4
USB Charging Cable x 1
Filter Sponges x 1 Pack
Silica gel rings x 4
User Manual x 1(Please read the user manual carefully before first use!)

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  • Upgraded Super Strong Suction < < Different from traditional or other weak suction blackhead removers, Eunon blackhead remover newly upgrades to 60 kpa super strong suction to deeply remove blackheads and clean facial pores without any residue or skin injury
  • Exclusive Large LCD Display < < Exclusively designed with extra-large LCD digital screen, from which you can easily distinguish 3 different suction modes via images, control operation time and knows battery status anytime. Safe to use
  • Customize All Facial Problems < < Four replaceable suction probes and 3 adjustable suction modes cooperate perfectly, to thoroughly address various facial problems, like blackhead, comedones, acne, pimple, zit, white heads etc.
  • Quick Charging & Cordless Operation < < 60mins super fast USB charging for 150 mins continuous use; Supports wireless operation, and wired using while charging
  • Hygiene Packing and Easy-Cleaning < < Fully sealed aseptic packing ensures absolutely hygiene and brand new to use; IPX7 waterproof design allows to clean the probe heads under running water. Purchase PromiseEunon promise unconditionally free replacement or full refund for any quality problems

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Professional Blackhead and Blemish Remover - Pimple Comedone Removal 2-In-1 Extractor Tool - by Utopia Care

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Top Rated Blackhead removal Tool! A safe and effective solution to remove skincare impurities. The Blackhead Blemish Remover Clear Tool Acne Pimple Extractor safely extracts whitehead and blackheads. This tool is appropriate for use with all skin types and helps improve your skin care practice. Easily remove impurities from your skin without doing damage to your complexion. Perfect to store in your bathroom mirror, travel case, or makeup bag to manage pesky breakouts and blemishes.

Helps remove dirt and oil build-up deep within the pores.

Perfect for removing blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities.

Extractor is made from 100 Stainless Steel with Double-ended shape for easy use and cleaning.

Surgical grade material and design ensures highest quality, durability, and safety.

Targets problem areas without causing unnecessary redness, irritation, or damage to your skin.

4 Easy Steps:
Step 1: Sterilize your blackhead remover.
Step 2: Apply warm wet towel on the required area.
Step 3: Apply Antiseptic on the blackhead area.
Step 4: Apply gentle pressure on the blackheads using the blackhead extractor tool.

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  • 100 percent stainless steel with tarnish resistant and easy to disinfect
  • Surgical grade material and design for highest durability and streamlined use
  • This beauty care accessory lessen trauma to the surrounding skin as compared to finger use
  • Safely extracts whiteheads and blackheads without scarring your complexion
  • Double-ended shape for easy use and cleaning

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Blackhead Remover, COOFO Pore Vacuum Blackhead Extractor Vacuum with 4 Multi-Functional Probes Electric Skin Pore Cleanser Rechargeable Acne Extractor Vacuum Comedone Suction for Skin Facial Treatment

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This is COOFO Electric Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Rechargeable Acne Vacuum Extractor Beauty Device
It can effectively remove blackheads,whiteheads,dead skin,grease and makeup residues,smooth wrinkles and tighten skin without hurting your skin

4 replaceable beauty probe:
Large Hole Probe*2: stronger suction, for removing blackhead on nose, up and down to remove blackheads on the nose
Small Hole Probes*1: weaker suction, for thin skin and somewhere sensitive, usually for beginner
Oval Hole Probe*1: weak suction, for the corner of mouth, corner of eyes, nasal wing, neck and sensitive skin

4 suction levels to choose:
level 1 is suitable for sensitive and dry skin
level 2 is for neutral skin
level 3 is for oily skin
level 4 is for mixed skin with large pores
Note: Choose the right suction level regarding your actual skin status.

Using steps& tips:
Please clean the nozzle before and after use
Before using, get a warm towel steaming face to open pores
During use,ensure your skin or face is moisturized
Please do not stay on the same spot over 3s,or you'll get redness
Do not move it in the back and forth but move it slowly in one direction
After treatment,use a calming&shrinking mask or cold water to close the pores
Do not use this machine too much,once a week for dry skin, twice a week for oily skin

There's no worries hidden to purchase this pore vacuum cleanser, as each blackhead remover vacuum comes with 1 year warranty and lifetime after sale service!!

What's in the box:
1* COOFO Blackhead Remover
4* Beauty Probes
1* Pack Filter Sponge
1* USB charging Cable
1* English Mannual

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  • INDICATOR LIGHT& RECHARGEABLE-- The pore extractor vacuum has indicator light, you can clearly notice the current suction levels. It is a rechargeable pore vacuum which's powered by built-in lithium battery with outstanding performance for standby time, so you could charge this blackhead suction remover anywhere. And the indicator will flash when it is almost run out of battery power. It's a very friendly and practical beauty device to care for yourselves.
  • 4 SUCTION INTENSITY& PORTABLE-- This COOFO blackhead remover vacuum has 4 suction levels, We do suggest start with the lowest intensity for the first time use, level 1 is suitable for sensitive and dry skin; level 2 is for neutral skin; level 3 is for oily skin; level 4 is for mixed skin with large pores, you can choose it regarding your actual skin status. Please do not go over on the same spot over 3s and ensure your face is moisterized during using. lightweight and easy to carry
  • 4 BEAUTY PROBES& SAFE--This blackhead extractor vacuum comes with 4 beauty probes used on different body zones, large probe with strong suction, applied to blackheads and V face; Oval probe for enhanced nose blackhead removal,suitable for canthus, the corner of mouth and other areas where easy to have fine lines to prevent the growing of wrinkles; Small probe with weak suction for sensitive skin area; Made of high quality ABS material, really safe and non-toxic, FDA is officially approved
  • WHY YOU NEED ACNE VACUUM EXTRACTOR-- This blackhead suction remover adopts a innovative vacuum technology, it mainly takes effects on refining pores, eliminating blackheads, reducing grease and deep cleansing functions etc. And it can remove blackheads,whiteheads,dead skin,grease and makeup residues,smooth wrinkles and tighten skin without hurting your skin. If you are being bothered by these, Then you could purchase this blackhead vacuum for try.
  • BEST QUALITY WARRANTY--for each customer who ordering this pore vacuum from our store, we provide 100 worry free quality guarantee 24 hours after sale service for COOFO pore extractor 1 year product warranty. It's suitable all skin types and definitely a best gift for your friends and family. If you have any issues for using, please do not hesitate to contact us for solutions.

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9pcs Blackhead Remover Tool Kit, Aooher Professional Stainless Steel Pimple Comedone Extractor Instrument Tool Set for Curing Facial Blemish Acne Whitehead

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Aooher Blackhead Remover Tools Kit - 9 Piece Set with free box

Have you ever woke up to discover a bulging pimple taking over your face and instantly lowering your confidence? Don't you hate the feeling of knowing all the eyes it will attract throughout the day?
Don't worry, Aooher Blackhead Remover Tools Kit will be good helper for you!

Using acne tool steps:
1. Gather and prep required tools: medical grade alcohol pads, come done toolkit, antiseptic wipes and cotton pads.
2. Select extracting tool: wide loop for large or inflamed breakouts, thin tip for cleaning smaller pores, extracting blemishes, etc.
3. Open pores: wash face with warm water or place warm, wet towel over face for 2-3 minutes.
4. Wash hands and disinfect extractor tools: wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, then use medical grade alcohol pads to clean all required tools.

Feature and function:
1. Two loops each side: treating squeeze stubborn acnes, blackhead/whiteheads, pimples and fat granules. Professional designed for acnes treatment and moderate size remove blockage easily.
2. Sharp tip and squeezing loop: using sharp tip easily needles the surface skin of acne and then gently presses the other side loop on the area of acne, pimple or blackhead.
3. Triangular and squeezing loop: special triangular design removes acnes, blackheads and fat granules etc. Squeezing loop side is better clean up remained blockages after masking.
4. Wide and fine loops: wide side for squeezing big acne pores without painful and better for face treatment, fine loop is post-care blemishes and cleaning up remaining and better for nose care. Fundamental solutions 1. Drink more water 2. Avoiding oily foods in daily life

Package Contents:
9 pcs blackhead remover tools kit 1 gift box

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  • 9 in 1 Complete Set: Equipped with 9 extractors instruments like pullers and pushers which can easily remove blackheads, comedowns, acne and other facial impurities. Removes all blemishes if used correctly.
  • Gift Box: It packed inside an easily portable gift box(Color send by random). Extremely useful you can easily take your case anywhere you want.
  • Aooher Blackhead tweezer tools are made with professional high quality material which results in sleek, precise and very balanced extractor instruments. Good for its purpose for treating pimples, facial impurities and blemishes.
  • Stop popping with dirty fingers: Precision sharp needles with comfortable handle at get straight to the point without damaging pores. You will not have to worry about scarring, redness, or any sensitivity issues with high-quality anti-slip tools!
  • Antibacterial coating: Electroplate stainless steel is rust-free, corrosion-free, and made specifically to stay germ-free to prevent infection. Simply clean with alcohol before and after to maintain cleanliness!

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