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100 Vacation Days a Year: Your Way Out of Modern Slavery

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In truth, all of us were and remain children, always looking forward impatiently to summer vacation. However, somewhere along the course of our lives, we gave up.

We gave up on our dreams.

I proclaim - live again! Turn your life into a vacation!

Barak Paz-Tal understood that the rat race of long hours of work a day, a week and a month was not really meant for him. The price was too high for him and his family and the pressure exacted a heavy price. Barak understands that "balancing" is the key word to get out of the race. He understands that he must adopt a lifestyle of "100 days off a year."

We will all ultimately understand that in the final analysis life is a template for all of us. "We go to school, study at university, have children, work hard, pay taxes, pay our mortgage, save money and when we are finally sixty-seven we will be able to retire. And ... begin to live until we actually die. Sound familiar?"

To really start living and enjoying vacation days, we must first unload all our excuses of which we have plenty. "I have no money, I do not have time, I cannot breathe, I have commitments that I must meet and I have to work for the family." The absurdity is that the first one who is hurt by too many hours of work is our family, because we are left with no strength and energy to really be there for them.

Today, we do not work at the same place for a very long time and moving around from job to job becomes a necessity. Unemployment rates are steadily rising and many people are not content with themselves and experience crisis and breakdowns.

The book is composed of ten detailed sections where some of the following information is available:

  • Why is vacation the first solution that can help in times of crisis
  • Why is it important to place ourselves in the center before everyone else
  • Information about our list of dreams and wants; how to plan our lives and build a winning program over time
  • Imagination as a winning tool
  • the importance of smiling a lot; managing time and more.

Barak Paz-Tal is a friend of mentor Robert Shamin and together they created a book that explains the importance of free time along with work, either as self-employed or a salaried employees. In the book Barak exposes himself and describes his successes and failures in the same breath. In 2004, Barak worked as marketing manager for the communications company Partner, a job that was challenging and extremely stressful. His job led to so much frustration that he ventured to create a new path for himself through his hobbies, learning guitar, singing and surfboarding which he compares to surfing life.

Barak travels around the world collecting experiences and gaining insights that he imparts to his readers in his book and on his site. It creates the ability to fulfill his dream of 100 vacation days a year. These days of freedom are spent among other things, to contributing and volunteering to the community, something that gives him great pleasure.

It is clear to Barak that there is no easy way to achieve the happiness of vacations, which by the way he describes as not needing an airplane or a lot of cash. Sometimes all it takes is just going to a nearby park and enjoying a few hours of freedom without the flickering screen in front of you.

Barak points out that what triggered him to write the book was his desire to create a better world for his family, for all plants and animals and for humanity.

His philosophy is, "The more people are freed from the burdens of the money game and will discover that it is a game and nothing more, the more they will be able to prove to everyone that the axiom of economics, that there will always be scarcity, is idle chatter. There is great abundance in our world, and this abundance should not be given to a handful of people but rather to all."

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Cruise Power Strip with USB Outlets - Non Surge Protection & Ship Approved Travel Accessories and Must Haves by Cruise On

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This MUST HAVE Cruise Accessory will triple the available outlets in your Cruise Cabin. You'll find most cabins have only two available wall outlets! BUT you have cell phones, iPads, laptops, cameras, and many other devices that need charging. Our Travel Power Strip is the solution.

IMPORTANT: Cruise lines require that power strips DO NOT have Surge Protection and many prohibit Extension Cords. Our model was made specifically to adhere to these rules so it's fully cruise compliant. It is the only cruise-specific Non Surge Protected Travel Power Strip you'll find to comply!

Your Travel Power Strip takes up very little packing space and easily fits into the palm of your hand. It's three-prong plug fits into the top socket so as to keep the lower one free to use. The two USB outlets and three, 3-prong sockets are perfect for all of your electrical items.

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • iPads and tablets
  • Kindle or other eReader
  • Vaping devices
  • Gaming devices
  • Hair dryers
  • CPAP machines

Don't get stuck in your cruise cabin waiting around for your devices to charge. It's a LONG walk to and from the ship. Make sure all of your devices stay charged and ready. When you return home from your cruise, the device will continue to serve as a great value to provide extra power to those areas in your house with few outlets.

The product is made from the #1 Cruise Accessory brand, CRUISE ON, and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not happy with your Travel Power Strip for any reason, we'll be happy to offer a full refund!

Happy cruising!

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  • No Surge Protector & Without Extension Cord to be fully cruise ship compliant
  • Adheres to Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian and all major lines' terms & conditions
  • Three, 3-prong outlets and Two USB sockets for a total of Five 5 plugs at a time
  • Mini size, Compact & Lightweight for easy Travel and Packing
  • Guaranteed by Cruise On, your favorite Accessories brand with all of your Cruise Essentials

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Dead Fast (Miami Jones Florida Mystery Series Book 4)

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The USA Today Bestselling Series goes to the Caribbean

To most people Jamaica is sun, sea and rum drinks by the pool. But Miami Jones and Danielle Castle don't vacation like most people. After witnessing an assault on a young man in Montego Bay, Miami and Danielle are hired to protect a young athlete with Olympic dreams.

But there are lots of athletes with those dreams, and not all of them play by the rules. Miami and Danielle find themselves up against corrupt officials, athlete managers with a kit-bag full of dirty tricks, and a local police force that might be in it up to their necks. In a paradise where running fast is the national pastime, Miami and Danielle must go at full throttle to protect their client and help him hit the finish line alive.

"Put Spenser and Travis McGee together, and you have Miami Jones..." - Amazon reviewer for the Miami Jones series.

Q and A with the Author

Q: Why a Florida mystery series?

A: A lot of things came together to make the series happen. Of course I always loved Florida mystery novels, theres a whole lineage of them. And all those crazy Florida adventures of Mssrs Hiaasen and Dorsey and co. My family moved to the Sunshine State, and everything about the place made me want to create a bunch of fun loving characters. The kinds of people youd love to share a beer with, in a casual place with a plate of smoked fish dip. But the kinds of folks who live by their convictions - salt of the earth you might say. Theres a lot of folks like that in Florida, along with more whack jobs per square miles than anywhere Ive ever been.

Q: Who is Miami Jones? Is he you?

A: Hes not me, lets start there. Hes got a bucket load more bravado than me. But hes a thinker. His baseball career didnt define him, but it did help form him, and I wanted to explore that side of it - the fact that most college sportsmen and women dont go pro, and those that do mostly dont last, and somehow that gets looked on as a sad thing. Miami doesnt believe it is. Pro sports taught Miami to fake it until you make it, but at the same time to never believe your own press. Mostly he doesnt. Hes too cheeky by half, but dont we all like the idea of serving up a good one liner when we dont really have the guts to do it? Hes not one of these private investigators who shoot to kill without repercussions. He feels bad when he acts bad, but it doesnt stop him doing it if required.

Q: Is he a hard boiled detective?

A: I call him soft boiled. Its what happens to normal people when left out in the Florida sun. He calls them as he sees them, but hed never call his girlfriend a dame. Shed tear him a new one if he did.

Q: Theres a sports theme in the series. Is it a mens adventure?

A: Yes and no. Lots of ladies enjoy sports so that doesnt mean anything. But the sports are infused in Miamis thinking, rather than being pervasive in the stories. More than half of my readers on my email list are women, so it might be a mens adventure, but its not just for male readers. Dead Fast is also an international mystery and crime story. I hope it's infused with that Jamaican flavor. It's a beautiful island, and the people are wonderful, but like Florida there's a dark underbelly there.

Q: Speaking of women, Miamis girlfriend knows how to handle him. Will we see her in her own private eye series?

A: That she does. I hate those stories and movies where the love interest is nothing more than someone to serve the martinis. Danielle is Miamis equal in every way. But no, I don't see her in her own book. For a start, shes not a private investigator, shes a sheriffs deputy. She believes in the rule of law and doing things by the book. Mostly. But I like her, so maybe one day shell have a wicked sister who becomes a bounty hunter. On second thought, Janet already did that.

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Cruising: The Best Vacation Value (Tools for Travel Agents)

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The newest version of our ever-popular film about cruising! Every important aspect of cruising is covered from a variety of ships to destinations to activities on board. This show highlights the value, as well as the benefits of cruising for all audiences. Show it to clients and they'll sell themselves. (Videotape runtime: 15 minutes)

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KEYLION Cruise Lanyard with ID Holder Sets (Black,3 Pack)- Flat ID Lanyard with Retractable Badge Reel & Heavy Duty Clear Vertical ID Card Name Badge Holder

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Key Features
*Thick ID Lanyard, Retractable Badge Holder and ID Badge Protector 3 in 1 Combination set. Save your time to chose badge holder and lanyard.
*Fits Disney Cruise Line, Halloween, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity and all other Cruise card ID's.
*Water-Resistance Id Pouch. The clear zipper top keeps out dirt and moisture to help protect your employee identification safe and secure.
*Slip your regular sized ID inside from the top and seal the zip top to protect your badges.
*Pre-punched slot well design for Badge Reels, Lanyards and Metal Clips' Hanging.
*Soft Braid Polyester Lanyard makes comfort wearing.
*Plus Neck Lanyard and Retractable Badge Holder Extension Cord, scan your ID cards becomes so easy.
*Crystal clear transparent on both sides. The cards with barcodes or QR codes can be scanned without removing it from the badge sleeve holder.

Package Includes
3 x Vinyl Vertical ID Badge Card Holder with Lanyard and ID Badge Reel

Product Details:
-Thick Flat Lanyard Length:17.75"(45cm)
- Badge Holder Strengthen Cord Length:23.6"(60cm)
- ID Badge maximum insert size:H 3.54"xW 2.6"
- Thick ID Badge vinyl thickness: 0.4mm*2 sides
- ID Badge color: High transparency. Crystal clear
- Shipping Weight: 1.66 oz.

Customer Satisfaction Warranty
KEYLION products are backed by 100 promise that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive a refund.
Bad Luck? If you received a damaged product, please let us know and we will provide a free replacement. We got your back!

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  • Thick I'd Card Sleeve/pouch/cover protector with waterproof type resealable zip, Inner Dimensions: 3.54" L x 2.6" W. Compatible with Avery Name Badge Inserts 5390 / 05390, 2.25 x 3.5 Inches, comfortably fits 1-5 pcs of credit card or driver's license sized cards.
  • Durable PVC (poly vinyl chloride) material, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties. Single layer thickness is increased to 0.4mm, with an increase of 60 compared to the standard thickness 0.25mm in Amazon. High transparency. The Resealable Zip are very good, waterproof sealing treatment, easy to open and close.
  • Comfort wearing retractable lanyard -0.394"wide and total 35.43" length id badge lanyard made by flat braid woven polyester, soft and durable
  • Swivel clip easily access your ids - plus the 24.4" long extension retractable cord, this lanyard with retractable reel set allows you scan id cards so easily
  • Usage: Carnival Cruise Ship Accessories, Travel Luggage Tags, Access Cards, Credit Cards, Business Cards, Rfid key card, Membership Card, Company Employee Student Kids Men Women Hall Pass, Bus Hotel Key, SD Card, ID Badge, identification tags, and security swipe card readily reachable and securely in place

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COOLIFE Luggage Expandable(only 28") Suitcase PCABS Spinner Built-in TSA Lock 20in 24in 28in Carry on (Caribbean Blue, L(28in).)

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Designed to provide travelers comfort, functionality, reliability, and peace of mind, our 20inch suitcase is suitable for carrying onto airplanes. Perfect for business and leisure travelers, fashionable traveler and for those who love travelling.

The suitcase benefits hugely from its ABSPC hard plastic shell. It highly suited to the rigorous of modern transportation and rough treatment from baggage handlers. We're dedicated to helping millions of travelers worldwide enjoy more of their happy traveling experience.

Features of the luggage .
28inch is expandable for up to 15 additional packing capacity; 20inch is perfect carry-on, 24inch is ideal for personal or business trip.

Handle: 3-step pure aluminum telescoping handle for comfortable maneuvering.

Wheels: four spinner wheels allow the suitcase to move seamlessly through 360 degrees of motion.

Interior: The interior is fully lined with multi-use organizational pockets make it easy for packing clothes.

Size: 20inch (21 x 8.5 x 15), 24innch (17 x 10 x 24.5) 28inch (20.5 x 11x 29)(13.5in when it is expandable)

Capacity: 20in38L , 24in60L, 28in 93L(110L when it is expandable)
Weight: 20in 7.5lbs 24in10.2lbs 28in11lbs
Travel days: 20in14days 24in47days 28in 79days

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  • The suitcase benefits hugely from its ABSPC hard plastic shell. it goes through insanely strict quality control test standards, creating strong and sturdy pieces that can withstand any forms of rough handling.Please note this luggage is sold separately, but If you intend to buy two or three suitcases, the small suitcase can be stored inside the bigger one
  • 2-year warranty. With built-In TSA lock, you can make sure your valuables are secure and safe.
  • Quiet airplane spinner wheels and an adjustable 3-level 100pure aluminum telescoping handle allow you to quickly maneuver in tight spaces and it's sturdier than most of the telescoping handle on the market.
  • Make packing clothes easy with the fully lined interior and the multi-use organizational pockets.
  • Three different size: Size: 20inch (21 x 8.5 x 15), 24innch (17 x 10 x 24.5) 28inch (20.5 x 11x 29), Please note that ONLY 28in is Expandable, adding 15to the scalable space.

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Camco Pop-Up Cooler - Lightweight, Waterproof and Insulated Pops Open for Use and Collapses Flat for Storage Perfect for the Beach, Pool, Camping, Tailgating and Travel - Blue (51995)

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Camco's Pop-Up Cooler is a great addition to any campsite, golf game, picnic, tailgate or grocery run. The lightweight, convenient cooler pops open for use and collapses flat for storage. A water resistant interior prevents leaks, spills and condensation, and the insulated access hatch allows you to retrieve food and beverages while minimizing cold loss. Cooler features a zippered lid, carry handles and a buckle strap to keep the cooler flat when it is not in use. Also includes a bottle opener. 13" diameter by 10-1/2" tall when expanded and collapses to 3" tall for storage.

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  • Lightweight, convenient cooler pops open for use and collapses flat for storage
  • Water resistant interior prevents leaks, spills and condensation
  • Insulated access hatch allows you to retrieve food and beverages while minimizing cold loss
  • Features a zippered lid, carry handles, and buckle strap to keep flat when not in use and bottle opener also included
  • Measures 13" in diameter by 10.5" tall when expanded and 3" high when collapsed for storage

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Caribbean Beach Vacation View Window 3D Wall Decal Art Removable Wallpaper Mural Sticker Vinyl Home Decor West Mountain W127 (GIANT (65''W x 46''H))

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West Mountain Wall Decals are custom created in-house by professional designers exclusively for West Mountain. All production, packaging and shipping is also done on the premises by our small team. We truly love what we do.

High Quality Printed Wall Decals

Original design as shown in the picture.

Securely packaged & shipped to protect from damage.

Designed and Shipped in the USA in our shop located in Miami,FL . 

100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We're sure you won't find a better deal for the product that we offer anywhere else. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just contact us and we will make it right for you.

Why choose West Mountain Wall Decals? 

Our Wall Decals are made using High Quality Vinyl and the best Eco-friendly inks on the market as today.

Removable and Reposionable

Non-toxic and Eco Friendly for our Planet.

We have been in business since 2010 with tens of thousands o satisfied customers.

With our 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, your order is truly risk-free. Combined with our long history of quality products and excellent value, West Mountain Wall Decals are the perfect choice!

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  • - HIGH QUALITY: Our 3D Window Wall Decal Art are made of High-Quality Vinyl Specially Made For Interior Design. Not Cheap Material like Many Others.
  • - REALISTIC LOOK: Printed with the Best Water Based Inks on the Market to Assure the Realistic Look you Are Looking For.
  • - EASY TO USE: Unlike Cheaper Removable Decal Stickers. Our Wall Decals can be Easily Applied, Removed or Repositioned as Desired. Just Peel and Stick.
  • - NON TOXIC: Our Inks and Vinyl are made of High Quality Material which are Eco-Friendly for our Planet and Non-Toxic.
  • - PROUDLY MADE IN USA: In order to Keep High Quality Standards all of our Products are Entirely Made in the Sunshine State of Florida. Manufacturer and Sold only by WEST MOUNTAIN INCTM - A Small Family Owned Business.

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Baleaf Men's UPF 50 Outdoor Running Long Sleeve T-Shirt Blue Size M

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1.UV Protection - With UV protection of UPF50. Helps you to stay safe in the sun.
2.High Wicking - Actively wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.
3.Quick Drying - Great when you're out and about, and after washing too.
4.Lightweight - Ideal for active use and easy to pack.
5.Breathable - Highly breathable fabric lets moisture out, making sure you stay dry on the inside.
6.Easy Care - Fully machine washable for easy care.
7.Tagless neck label.
8.Raglan sleeves for a wide range of motion.
9.Flat lock seams for chafe-free comfort.

-Technical specs-
Material: polyester
Fit: relaxed
Shirt Style: crew-neck
Sun-Protective Fabric: yes
UPF Rating: 50
Moisture Wicking: yes
Quick Drying: yes
Care Instructions: machine wash, tumble dry
Recommended Use: walking, traveling, hiking, camping, running, cycling, climbing, fishing, casual

Size Reference
Size S:chest:35.5"-37.5", waist:30.5"-32.5"
Size M: chest: 38"-40", waist: 33"-35", length: 28.75"
Size L: chest: 40.5"-42.5", waist: 35.5"-37.5", length: 29.5"
Size XL: chest: 43"-45", waist: 38"-40", length: 30.25"
Size 2XL: chest: 45.5"-47.5", waist: 40.5"-42.5", length: 31.5"
Size 3XL: chest: 48"-50.5", waist: 43"-45.5", length: 32.75"

Thanks for your support, wish you have a pleasant shopping experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, we will do our best to serve you.

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  • UPF 50 protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays
  • Technical fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, breathes freely and dries quickly for cool comfort
  • Flatlock seamlines and no tag collar reduce chafing and increase comfort
  • Raglan sleeves provide full range of motion.Machine washable
  • Great for a day of Running, Fishing, Sailing, Swimming, Hiking and any other of your favorite sports

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Cafe Molido Santo Domingo Coffee 1 Lb. Bags 3-pack 3 Lbs. Total

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Dominican Coffee Freshly Ground and imported from the beautiful Caribbean Island country, the Dominican Republic. Cafe Santo Domingo's aroma and taste are truly unique and now can be enjoyed in the USA. Santo Domingo Coffee is made from the finest Arabica beans found in La Republica Dominicana.

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  • 100 Dominican Ground Coffee
  • Imported from the Dominican Republic
  • A most unique taste and one of the finest coffees in the world!
  • Remember that vacation? Have this coffee again and remember!
  • Always Fresh
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