What are the strongest drill bits

Channellock 61A 6N1 Screwdriver with Nut driver Acetate Handle, Black Oxide Coated

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American-Made drivers from CHANNELLOCK mean business. They are the strongest, most durable screwdriver. High torque acetate handle for superior durability and solvent resistance .Nickel chrome finish for exceptional corrosion resistance .Precision machined vapor blast tip for a precise fit .Custom heat-treated alloy steel blade .

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  • High torque acetate handle for superior durability and solvent resistance
  • Precision machined tips
  • Heat-treated alloy steel shaft
  • Zinc coated bits and black oxide coated shank for corrosion resistance
  • Made in the USA
  • Tube and bits pull out and reverse easily to configure the driver you need

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Umbra Subway Wall Hook - Multicolored Modern Public Transit Maps Shape Coated Steel 10-Hooks Wall Hanger - Easy To Mount, Perfect for Scarves, Coats in Entryway - Each Hook Holds Up to 5 lbs

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A set of hooks so quirky they can transform an ordinary houseware product into a piece of art. The multicolored Subway Hooks are uniquely designed and can flawlessly stand alone as wall décor when theyre not in use.

Introducing Subway Hooks by Umbra

Subways 10 powder-coated steel hooks measure 22.75 x 1.5 x 8 inches (57.8 x 3.8 x 20.3 cm), and can hold up to 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) each. The hooks are wide-set, providing a clear view of whats hung and giving each stored item ample space.

All mounting equipment is included, along with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. Inspired by public transit maps, Alan Wisniewskis Subway Hooks combine the functionality of hooks with wall décor, and are perfect for holding your favorite accessories.

Order Subway Hooks today for a fun spin on traditional wall storage!

About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable design for the home.

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  • FUN AND FUNCTIONAL: Subway Hook securely holds your accessories, while its unique graphics make it a statement piece on any wall; the product fuses practicality with art
  • DURABLE: Subway Hook is designed using powder-coated steel, with a multicolored, glossy finish. Each of the 10 hooks holds up to 5 lbs.
  • WIDE SET HOOKS: The product's widely spaced hooks allow for clear access to each one and sufficient room to store items
  • EASY TO INSTALL: All mounting hardware is included with Subway Hook, along with clear instructions on how to hang the product
  • DESIGNED BY ALAN WISNIEWSKI FOR UMBRA: Inspired by a public transit map, Alan designed this vibrant and functional set of hooks
  • Material: Steel

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Canvas Zipper Tool Bags 12.5" x 7" - 4 Pack - 20oz Heavy Duty Canvas With Large Zipper - Canvas Tool Pouches - Professional Grade - The toughest canvas on the market for this size of bag!

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Raykhe Tools Canvas Zipper Bags/Pouch
These bags are the ideal solution to help you gain more time and freedom from searching for things. Use this 4 bag - classic color set to organize items within the house, the shop, the garage, at work or even in the classroom. Stop spending your time to find the items that can easily be organized and stored in these pouches. You owe it to yourself to have organization in your life!

🔧 DURABLE: These weather resistant tool bags can handle any situation where you need the most durable and weather resistant bag.
They are easy to find and store well in any drawer or tool box.
With their bright classic colors you will be able to organize and quickly find your tools and other items based on color.

🔧 STORAGE & ORGANIZER: Store your tools, ammunition, reloading supplies, pencils & pens, craft supplies, wrenches, sockets, camera supplies, important paperwork, use them as bank deposit bags, jewelry storage and children's toys.
With their ideal size (12.5" x 7") these bags are handy and portable allowing you to store the right amount of items in them.

🔧 4 CLASSIC COLORS: Red, Blue, Yellow & Green - Use the 4 classic colors to aid in organizing your items. Sort your tools and other items based on job needs in these weather resistant tool pouches.

About these awesome bags/pouches
Raykhe Tools has improved on an industry standard bag size with a stronger 20 ounce (#7 Double Filled Canvas) water resistant canvas and a larger #5 metal zipper. We have also added cloth zipper stops to help the bags close fully and to provide a secure way to keep the zipper from opening in the event that the bag is dropped.

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  • 🔧 PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Our Heavy Duty Canvas Zipper Bags are made from #7 Double Filled Canvas (20 ounce canvas). This provides for the toughest, strongest and most durable canvas available for this size of bag/pouch. Raykhe Tools has improved the function of these popular bags by adding a larger zipper than our competitors. These are the toughest bags on the market!
  • 🔧 NO MORE SEARCHING FOR ITEMS: Don't look for your tools anymore. Once you have these bags you will be able to organize your tools and other items into color coordinated groups. Once you have all of your items separated into these bags you will be off enjoying your hobbies and free time and spend less time searching for your tools. Once filled with your favorite items these bags store nicely into household drawers and tool boxes because of their pliability.
  • 🔧 IDEAL SIZE: 12.5" x 7" - This heavy duty 4 bag set includes a red, yellow, green and blue bag which are ideal for organizing your tools, make-up, teaching supplies, children's craft items, pens & pencils, art supplies and works well as a travel bag. These classic canvas colors help keep your items organized by colors that are easily identifiable.
  • 🔧 SAFE & DURABLE STORAGE: Designed with the worker in mind these professional grade bags are strong and durable enough to handle any storage and organization tasks you can throw at them. They help you store and organize your tools, ammunition, screw drivers, wrenches, pliers, sockets, T-handle wrenches, chisels, screws, bolts and numerous other items. The heavy duty construction and weather resistant canvas gives you piece of mind that your tools are safe and secure from the elements.
  • 🔧 UNBEATABLE WARRANTY: We stand behind all our products and we will provide you with a 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied with our 12.5" x 7" Professional Grade - 20oz Canvas Zipper Tool Bags.

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Child Safety Cabinet Locks - Magnetic Baby Proof, Strong & Easy to Use Ideal for Cabinets, Cupboards, Drawers and Doors Tool Free Fitting (4 Locks 1 Key)

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Rest assured that all your cupboards, cabinets and drawers are safely locked and can't be opened by your child. Using a strong, easy to use and out-of-sight magnetic locking system you can secure all your household cabinets quickly and efficiently. No tools required - just simply attach them to the inside of your furniture using strong 3M tape. Doors and drawers are then simply opened only by adults with the magnetic key.

Our locks can be easily disconnected during periods of non-use, so even the grandparents home can now be made child-safe without hassle or marks to their furniture.

Created and designed for the upmost safety, our hard-wearing and resilient product will provide you with the satisfaction you need that your child's environment is healthy and protected.

Fit our locks and ensure baby-proof cupboards and help your toddler keep out of trouble. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and anywhere else your child may explore.

With their great design and ease of use we are confident you will find our product to be exactly what you need. Should you not experience 100 satisfaction, our promise is a full refund within 30 days.

You're in safe hands with cozykanga.....

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  • CHILD PROOF - Keep your child's curious hands out of cabinets and drawers with our easy-to-fit magnetic safety locks. Never worry again about those out-of-bounds cupboards being opened again
  • SAFETY - Enjoy peace-of-mind that your home is a safe and healthy environment for your child whilst enjoying the little free time you get as a parent that little bit more. The best way to protect exploring toddlers
  • GREAT GIFT - Perfect baby shower gift for friends and relatives who have (almost) everything! Full, hassle-free refund if not 100 satisfied
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED - No drills or other tools required for fitting. Suitable for most surfaces including glass, wood & plastic. We use only the strongest and most durable adhesive 3M tape
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY - Long-lasting, hard-wearing and secure. Simple to operate and wipe clean. No outer-door fittings, which keep your furniture looking great.

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Ekoclaws Meat Claws Strongest Heat Resistant BPA Free Claws For Shredding Meat BBQ Accessory For Easy Pulled Pork, Shredded Chicken & Beef Lifetime Replacement Shred, Pull, Lift & Carve Food

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The Best Solution To Making Your Culinary Experience More Enjoyable, Safer, and More Timely! Why not pull that pork faster, shred that chicken effortlessly, lift that brisket off the grill safer, effortlessly carve watermelon, and so much more? Now You Can! From the inventors of Ekogrips BBQ Gloves comes the newest product sold exclusively on Amazon by the customer centric Jolly Green Products. The Ekoclaws are the newest innovation and we feel that it will solve problems that pitmasters, grillaholics, and weekend warriors face each time they throw food on the grill, in the smoker, or in the kitchen. Here's Why: Constructed From Ballistic Nylon - Not only is the construction designed for heavy commercial use, its BPA-Free, FDA Approved, and guaranteed to last a LIFETIME of regular use. Heat-Resistant Up To 475F/250C - The Ekoclaws will not melt and provide great protection for your hands when tackling any food related task you can imagine. Designed For Effortlessly Pulling, Shredding, Carving, Lifting & More - The Ekoclaws Meat Claws are made for pretty much any food related task you can imaging, including: Pulling pork Shredding chicken Tossing salad Carving watermelon Lifting heavy roasts Moving meat off the grill Anything you can imagine! We Treat You Like Family - Our reputation on Amazon is putting customers first, just ask anyone who has chosen to experience us! Our priority is to ensure you are satisfied, and we offer 24/7/365 customer service for as long as you own your Ekoclaws (yes even on holidays!) So What Are You Waiting For? Order your Ekoclaws Meat Claws with confidence today and start experiencing an exciting new culinary adventure!

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  • YOUR FAVORITE SHREDDED MEAT DISHES MADE EASY! LOVE THESE MEAT CLAWS OR WE'LL SEND YOUR MONEY BACK! Want to make pulled pork, shredded chicken, or beef the easy way? With our meat shredding claws you never need to fumble with forks & knives or spend your precious family time slowly pulling apart meat with greasy hands. Prepare quick & delicious pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, chicken soup, salad & more!
  • BE A BBQ ROCKSTAR! Lift, shred, pull & carve meat for a chef-worthy meal, all while feeling ridiculously awesome using these wolverine claws. Safely grab brisket from the smoker or grill. You'll love the new dishes you can make when you add this BBQ accessory to your collection. Check out our video to see them in action!
  • SET OF 2 SHREDDER CLAWS PERFECT FOR GRABBING BRISKET FROM SMOKER, CUTTING WATERMELON, GRIPPING CORN & MORE! Ekoclaws are the kitchen tools you didn't realize you needed! You'll be amazed by how much faster your meal prep is & all of the fun uses you'll discover.
  • THE ONLY CLAWS FEATURED AT SOBE FOOD & WINE, COOKING CHANNEL, BUZZFEED & MORE...& HAVE A LIFETIME WARRANTY! -They're creating so much buzz for a reason... They're thick, sharp, heat-resistant up to 475F, FDA approved & BPA FREE! Other carving forks aren't sharp, don't tear meat easily, break & aren't easy to handle & use like ours. You'll wish you found Ekoclaws months ago!
  • HURRY FOR THESE BONUSES - Lifetime Warranty comes FREE, 11.01 value. Get a few or give as unique & practical gifts! Make your holiday cooking easier by lifting turkey, ham & roasts with these meat handlers.

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AsFrost Magnetic Knife Holder, Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, Magnetic Knife Strip, Knife Rack Strip

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-Material: Stainless Steel
-SIZE: 13 Inches

From now on, you won't have to look for your appliances in cupboards and cabinets; everything will be in one place.

Magnetic Wall Rack may be used both in the kitchen and office, workshop, or garage for tools.

You no longer need to store your knives and appliances in different cabinets and cupboards - now everything will be in one place with an incredibly stylish appearance.

The holder is easily fixed to the wall with two screws. Upgraded Magnets - Avoid trying weak & unsecured magnetic knife holders!

Our NEW magnetic knife holder now includes 2 separate lines of HEAVY-DUTY MAGNETS.

OUR GUARANTEE:Our magnetic knife bar is made to the highest standards, that's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

So what are you waiting for? Keep all your knives visible and within reach! Easily grab the proper knife and get to cooking! Just click on the 'Add to Cart' button and get yours today!

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  • 13 INCH/33CM: This magnetic strip has an extended length that allows you to hold more knives while still being small enough to fit in well into many nooks and crannies in your mount onto kitchen walls with ease
  • THE POWERFUL MAGNETIC STRIP IS USED TO HOLD SECURELY YOUR KNIVES: We only use the strongest neodymium magnets available, Hang your knives on the wall - saving valuable drawer space and providing more convenient access to your knives!
  • QUICK INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: Attach the screws included, and install it on the wall. To clean it with a damp soft cloth. Wash with water and mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: You can use this magnetic knife holder to hold keys, tools, toys & more. Great for multiple places in the home, magnetic holder in the kitchen, office, laundry room or garage to hold any metal objects.
  • 100 FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Reliable customer service is our priority. If for whatever reason you are not 100 satisfied we will provide you with a full refund.

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SUS 304 stainless steel Suspension Strap Trainer Mount Anchor Bracket Hook Wall /Ceiling Mount Bracket for Gym Suspension Training Straps Yoga Swing, Boxing Bag Equipment,Loading Capacity: 2204 lbs

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- Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
- Color: Silver
- Load Capacity: 1-1000kg / 1-2204lb
-Screws: length 3.3inch, diameter 0.5inch

Muscle Blast Wall Mount is the ideal anchoring solution for:
SUS 304 stainless steel Durable, heavy duty and versatile wall and ceiling mount can be mounted vertically by attaching to overhead beams or studs, or horizontally into walls.Up to 1000 kg loadable.

Who uses our product?
Business customers: The massive suspension is very much liked by fitness studios, Purchased physiotherapies, yoga clubs and other sports clubs.
Private customers use the good looking and very stable fixture in living rooms, on balconies, terraces, in bedrooms or in garages.
Suitable for both commercial and home use.

Especially suitable for:
-- Suspension Trainers,
-- Resistance trainers,
-- Olympic Rings,
-- Yoga Swings,
-- Hammocks,
-- Battle Ropes,
-- Boxing Equipment,
-- Hammock chair,
-- Hammock,
-- Punching bag,
-- Sling trainer,
-- Yoga towel,
-- Children's swing,
-- Sun shade,
-- Floating chair,
-- Sling trainer,
-- Suspension trainer,
-- Punching bag,
-- Gymnastic rings,
-- Aerial yoga,
-- Awning,
-- Hammock or floating chair,

Muscle Blast Anchoring system for accomplishing all your training needs and goals. No matter what your exercise preferences are, Muscle Blast gives you the safe and secure anchoring needed to accomplish it all.

1 x SUS 304 Wall & Ceiling Suspension Strap Mount,
4 x SUS 304 Concrete Mounting Screws.

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  • Material; SUS304 stainless steel.Loading Capacity: 2204 lbs (1000kg) for one anchor,It is a permanent fixture to a wall or ceiling joist to allow the use of your suspension system or resistance bands
  • Best anchoring solution for all suspension straps and resistance trainers, Crossfit Olympic Rings, Battle Ropes, Yoga Swings, & Boxing Equipment
  • Perminate Wall or Ceiling Mount for Suspension Straps, Crossfit Body Weight Strength Training, or Yoga Swings/Hammocks
  • Allow for home use of your body weight Suspension Strap System, Resistance Bands, or Battle Ropes.Supports all brands Suspension Strap Body Weight Trainer models, Resistance Bands, and Crossfit Training Rings.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use,Use with hanging swings, chairs, hammocks, aerial silks, or anywhere you need dependable, without twisting chains or ropes.Suspension Strap Body Weight Exercise Mount for Wall and Ceiling
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Magnetic Hooks Heavy Duty, Strong Powerful Neodymium Magnet Hooks 30lb, Swivel Swing Magentic Hangers, Great for Industrial, Home Kitchen Refrigeratior Fridge Organization and Storage.

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About This Product

N52 Neodymium is the most magnetic material available commercially - Bully Hooks will hold up to 40 pounds (horizontally) and 5-20 pounds (vertically), depending on what you're mounting them to and the finish - the thicker the steel and the more iron content, the better the pull force.

Get Organized Today

If you are worried about the messy small space in the kitchen, garage, workplace and home, let Bully Hooks Help! Swivel magnet hooks for kitchen are a Great Solution for organizing your garden and hand tools, grill utensils, toys, pots, pans, craft and paint supplies.

Also, great for trips or take on a cruise. These small, light weight utility hooks can attach to doors to hang coats, towels, belts or decorations for fun!

This item won't get broken or bent with regular use, and the plated nickel surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Strong hold without having to drilling holes.


Children should not be allowed to play with neodymium magnets as they can be dangerous. Small magnets pose a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into any part of the body.

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  • Heavy Duty - Neodymium is the world's most powerful magnet and it can fit in the palm of your hand. Strong yet small, these hooks can hold up to 40 pounds of weight when placed horizontally. Made with premium materials and a brushed nickel finish, your hooks will look attractive in any environment!
  • Get Organized Today! - Get rid of clutter around your home, garage or office with ease. Simply find a metal surface, attach and let these strong hooks do the rest. No need for drills or tools that will leave permanent damage in your home or workplace.
  • Swivel Function - Allows for greater versatilely. The 180 swivel rotation will allow for more useful applications than other hooks on the market.
  • Everyday Uses - Magnetic Hooks work great on refrigerators, metal filing cabinets, mobile homes, tool boxes, workplace lockers, stainless steel kitchen backdrops, RV's, magnetic whiteboards, steel shelving or any other magnetic surface. Handy to help organize tools, sporting equipment, kitchen utensils, keys, gardening equipment, cables and wires, calendars and much, much more.
  • NO BULL GUARANTEE. If you're not 100 satisfied, simply return them for a full refund.
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BIZYAC Magnetic Wall Key Holder - Adhesive Walnut Wood Magnet Keychain Organizer Shelf

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Tired of misplacing your keys and wasting time searching for them, often making you late? Looking for a place to hang your car keys, mail keys and door keys all within easy reach?

The BIZYAC small sleek and unobtrusive modern key holder made from real polished walnut wood works great for keyrings with multiple keys.

Perfect fit for smaller walled areas near entry doors. Simple innovative design clears your entryway of the untidy jumble of keys on the table. You will love that you can clearly see all your keys!

Mounting couldn't be easier - just peel the adhesive cover away and stick to a clean, flat surface!

Super strong adhesive backing adheres to both textured and regular drywall. No mounting hardware or drilling required. And the soft and easily removable tape won't damage the wall.

Each powerful neodymium magnet holds up to 20 keys. Magnetic key hanger designed to ensure keys are firmly planted and come off easily when you reach for them.

Attach pens, key fobs, USB drives and scissors - if it's metal the BIZYAC wall decor key holder stand can hold it! Plus the letter holder top slot stores envelopes and items of mail, too.

Product size: 8.00 x 1.70 x 0.50 inches

Installation in 4 easy steps:

1. Clean and dry the surface area.
2. Peel away adhesive backing.
3. Press key holder firmly against wall.
4. Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set.

Stay organized with your keys in one handy place, right there when you need them!

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  • REAL WALNUT WOOD: Practical, space-saving 8-inch wide magnet key holder for wall. Expertly-crafted from solid walnut wood, finished with waterproof eco-friendly linseed oil for a natural sheen
  • STRONGEST MAGNETS: 5 powerful neodymium magnets hold keychains and heavy keys securely in place. Each magnet holds up to 0.5 lbs or 20 keys. Magnetic key rack top slot fits letters, notes and bills
  • EASY TO INSTALL: User-friendly peel and stick design with 3M self adhesive key holder foam tape for hassle-free and easy installation. No hooks, drills, screws, wall holes or mounting hardware needed
  • MODERN DESIGN: Smart, elegant key shelf makes it easier to hang, catch and release keys than hooks. This wall mounted entryway key organizer is ideal for foyer, hallway, kitchen, living room or office
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: The BIZYAC magnetic key chain holder for wall comes with a money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing keys holder, simply contact us for a full refund

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What are the strongest drill bits