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Medela, Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump, Portable Pump, 2-Phase Expression Technology, Ergonomic Swivel Handle, Easy to Control Vaccuum, Designed for Occasional Use

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Recommended by doctors, Medela breast pumps are the #1 Physician Recommended Breast Pump Product in the U.S. The Medela Harmony is a manually operated breast pump that has been designed for occasional use when youre away from your baby. This breast pump is designed for moms who breastfeed. It is great for travel or as an occasional backup to your double electric pump. The small, portable, and lightweight design makes it easy to transport discreetly when you're away from your baby for a short time. It has been designed to deliver easy and convenient breast pumping at home, at work, or anywhere you travel. It includes a soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle that makes it easier to operate.

This manual breast pump is infused with our patented and research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology. Through research, Medela has learned that there are two distinct phases to how babies breastfeed. The stimulation phase is when babies first go to the breast, where they suck faster to start milk flowing. The expression phases occur after milk flow or let-down begins. During this phase, babies breastfeed with a slower suck rate to remove milk. This is the key to efficient breast pumping and a major reason why Medela is the leading breast pump recommended by doctors for new mothers. The single vacuum adjustments are included for comfortable pump settings.

Medela offers the Harmony manual breast pump with (1) PersonalFit 24mm breast shield for improved comfort and breastmilk efficient flow. Different sizes of breast shields are sold separately. Weve also included (2) 5 oz. breastmilk bottles with lid and stand and (1) valve as well as membranes, instructions for use, and a breastfeeding information guide. Each part that touches breastmilk is made without BPA which is much safer for your baby. Medelas primary focus is on helping moms to successfully breastfeed their babies for as long as they choose. Meeting this goal responsibly is at the heart of everything we do.

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  • EASY AND CONVENIENT PUMPING: The Medela Harmony Breast Pump is a manual pump that has been designed for occasional use. It's designed for the occasional time when you're away from your baby.
  • ERGONOMIC SWIVEL HANDLE: Designed for ease of use, the Harmony Breast Pump features a soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle for enhanced comfort.
  • 2-PHASE EXPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Unique to Medela breast pumps, this research-based and patented design allows mothers to pump more milk in less time. It resembles a baby's natural nursing rhythm for improved comfort and efficiency.
  • 24 MM BREAST SHIELD INCLUDED: The Harmony Breast Pump includes (1) PersonalFit breast shield for comfortable and efficient breast pumping. Other sizes are sold separately.
  • EASY TO CONTROL VACCUUM: This manual breast pump is simple to use. Manual controlled vacuum allows you to adjust the suction for the most optimal comfort level and efficient flow of breastmilk.Once milk starts to flow, you switch to the longer side of the handle which creates a slower sucking cycle to express the majority of your milk

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Haakaa Breast Pump Manual Breast Pumps Silicone Breastfeeding Pump Milk Pump 100 Food Grade Silicone (4oz/100ml, 2019 New Style)

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Product Name: Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

Hakaa Pump Material: 100 High Quality Food Grade Silicone

Package Include: 1 x Haakaa Manual Breast Pump, 1 x Instructions, 1 X Package Box

The haakaa breastpump is a simple way to support breastfeeding. This 100 food grade, eco-friendly and simple to use haaka breast pump will change your breast-feeding life.Haakas one-piece portable design is easy to use and clean.Breast pumps fit easily into your handbag or baby bag and requires no hard work. Extremely Soft,Comfortable and Safe, allowing mums to express easily, directly and effectively.


Small, lightweight and portable.hand-held.

Accommodates different breast sizes.

Capacity up to 3 ounces/90 ml.

100 high quality food grade silicone.

Extremely Soft,Comfortable and Safe.

BPA, PVC and phthalates free.

Safe in dishwashers,microwaves,boiling water and sterilisers.

Withstand sterilisation's temperature up to 250 degrees celscius.

Haakaa Pump Instructions for Use:

1: Before using the breast pump haakaa, make sure it is clean and has been sanitised.

2: Using a warm cloth, gently massage your breast in a circular motion to encourage let-down of milk.

3:Simple suction to your breast with pump and begin to squeeze gently until you feel suction and milk begins to flow.

4: If you are struggling to find a consistent flow,reposition the pump on your breast. Moving the pump into different positions.Can affect its suction ability, so move it around until you find an appropriate suction level that works for you.

5: Continue until milk flow slows or your desired amount has been expressed.

6: Store milk in the refrigerator for up to three days - any extra milk can be frozen in the freezer. Make sure to label your milk with a date and only fill container 3/4 full to allow room for milk to expand.

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  • Award winning and best sellers. Recommended by nursing moms, magazines, celebrities Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, doulas and lactation consultants, just make sure you are getting only the original silicone breast pumps of haakaa international brand.
  • Patented design. Pat. No. USD810,925S. Perfect for anywhere - haakaa breast pump cann fit anywhere you would like to discretely express or when you wake up in the middle of the night engorged.
  • Extremely Soft,Comfortable and Safe, Approved FDA,100 high quality food grade silicone.Every mom wants green safely baby products and the hakaa pump is BPA PVC and Phthalate Free.
  • Easy to use. Lightweight and Portable. Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction, or you can use it for letdown what would otherwise be lost in a breast pad as you breastfeed on the other breast. perfect for long distance trips, planes, car rides or anywhere you would like to discretely express silently and quickly.
  • Safe for dishwasher and can be sterilized.No¬†cords,batteries¬†or¬†assembly¬†required. It's easy to clean and use.

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NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Milk Saver Suction Bonus Pump Stopper, Cover Lid, Pouch, Air-Tight Vacuum Sealed in Hardcover Gift Box. BPA Free New 2019 Model

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Special Promotion Price. While Stocks Last.

NatureBond Silicone Breastpump is one of the most natural ways to collect breast milk hands free manually using suction force.

More importantly, it is the best natural pump to catch "let-down/breast milk leak" during breastfeeding. Every drop of breast milk counts!

General Description:

Completes with cover lid and high quality pouch, the NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump is small, handheld, portable, convenient and diaper bag ready. The breast pump is also easy to use and clean.

The NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump has a 100 ml milk capacity.

The sleek and soft silicone design also ensures comfort for breastfeeding mummies and creates a natural pressure for breast milk to be collected.

Differentiating factors:

1. Safe for mum and baby - Tested against USA FDA regulations and certified free of BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead. First and only Silicone Manual Breast Pump lab tested and certified by Bureau Veritas.

2. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing baby products and breast pumps.

3. Quality assured with Air-Tight vacuum packing and luxury velvet pouch that conveniently hides the breast pump in handbag or baby diaper bag.

4. Most Value for Money - full package with dust cover lid and quality hardcover box which also makes it ideal as gifts.

5. Product includes English Instructions sheet with Full Color illustrations on usage of breast pump.

100 Satisfactory Guaranteed and 30 days return policy with no questions asked.

Note: Kindly careful not to buy other non-authentic Silicone Breast Pump products that typically have Chinese Words/Brands labelled on the pumps. Non-authentic pumps are hard, heavy and is not made of 100 Food Grade Silicone which compromises mum's and baby's safety. Support ORIGINAL NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump.

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  • Most Value for Money Breastmilk Saver With Silicone Stopper - Silicone Manual Breast Pump NEW 2019 Model collects "let-down" / breast milk leaks and relieves engorgement using pure natural suction pressure. Every ounce of breast milk is precious. Save it for your baby.
  • Extremely Soft, Comfortable and Safe - High Quality Silicone breast pump. BPA Free and FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone. Lab tested and certified by Bureau Veritas which is a World Leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification.
  • All-in-One - Complete set with Silicone Stopper, Air-Tight Vacuum Packaging, 1 x Dust Cover Lid, 1 x Luxury Pouch, 1 x Silicone Breast Pump and Full Color English Instructions, with Quality Hardcover Box packaging. Ideal as a baby shower gift for newborn mothers.
  • Easy to use, Lightweight and Portable - Hands-free and saves breastmilk on the other side during breastfeeding. Very Lightweight and Perfect for travelling. Hassle free and fits perfectly into any handbag or diaper bag
  • Recommended by lactation nurses from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (USA). #1 Silicone Manual Breast Pump in USA, UK & Canada.

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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump with Stimulation & Expression Modes (Single Pump)

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The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump offers a convenient and quiet pumping solution at an affordable price. Manual breast pumps are great for the mom who is pumping occasionally. A manual breastmilk pump gives mom the ability to pump anywhere because its compact, lightweight and doesnt require electric power. The Lansinoh Manual breast pump uses innovative two-phase technology to conveniently and comfortably express breastmilk. The handle of the pump adjusts to easily switch between Stimulation and Expression phases. The Stimulation phase allows more rapid suction, similar to babys suction pattern at the beginning of a breastfeed, to elicit a letdown. Once milk starts flowing, its easy to switch to the Expression phase which provides slower cycles with more suction to efficiently express breastmilk. The ergonomic easy-express handle allows for comfortable positioning to reduce hand fatigue, and two flange sizes, standard (25mm) and large (30.5mm), ensure ideal suction and pumping comfort. The soft rim on the flanges provides a more comfortable experience and creates a better seal when pumping. Lansinoh milk collection bottles are designed to fit the full Lansinoh breast pump, milk storage and baby bottle feeding range. Includes a storage lid for convenient breastmilk bottle storage and NaturalWave nipple with collar & cover so baby can be fed directly from the same bottle used for pumping. Also, now pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags with the use of any Lansinoh breast pump to save time and reduce breastmilk transfer. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has been committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding for over 30 years. Lansinoh is a leader in breastfeeding products and accessories, famous for its award-winning cornerstone product Lansinoh lanolin and Lansinoh nursing pads. For more information, please visit Lansinoh.com or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Do not fill past the 6oz mark

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This lightweight manual breast pump has an ergonomic easy-express handle to reduce hand fatigue. It can be easily carried in any bag while traveling for quiet pumping sessions.
  • IDEAL PUMPING: This pump features dual mode pumping & includes 2 flange sizes (standard 25mm & large 30.5mm), and NaturalWave nipple, cap & collar. It provides ideal suction, storage and feeding.
  • CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: Lansinoh breast pumps allow you to pump directly into our pre-sterilized Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags for convenient, hygienic pumping that saves precious breastmilk & time.
  • BY & FOR MOMS: Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh is committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding with breast pumps, nursing pads, nipple cream, breast milk storage bags & more.
  • MOM FOUNDED & PARENT LED: Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has supported moms for 35 years with award winning breast pumps, nipple creams, nursing pads, and breast milk storage bags, helping families create bonds that last a lifetime.

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Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear

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Philips Avent SCF330/30 Comfort Manual Breast Pump is uniquely designed for a more relaxing and comfortable expressing position to promote milk flow. Unlike breast pumps that only operate properly when you lean forward, the Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump, while the pump's angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. When you are able to relax, you can produce more milk. This manual pump is great for moms who want to pump either at home or on the go. It features a soft massage cushion with 5 textured petals intended to help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby's natural suckling patterns. An ergonomic handle and lightweight, compact design makes it easy to operate with one hand. The collection container that connects to the pump also works as a bottle with the included natural, breast-shaped nipple. The nipple makes transitioning between breast and bottle easier for your baby by encouraging comfortable latch on. The breast pump also features an uncomplicated design with only a few parts that can all be washed in the dishwasher. Stages -0 - 6 months

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  • More comfortable pumping position due to unique design.
  • Soft, textured massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow
  • Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast
  • Compatible with other Philips Avent feeding products, such as Natural and Anti-colic bottles and breast milk storage containers
  • BPA-Free

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Bumblebee Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump Breastfeeding with Pump Stopper lid Pouch in Gift Box bpa Free & Silicone Breast Pump

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Product Name: Bumblebee Breast PumpThe Bumblebee Silicone Breast Pump is a simple way for mumss nursing and breastfeeding .Our silicone pump is made of silicone to ensure that your breastfeeding milk come with natural and safe for your babys breastfeeding.Why You Choose the Bumblebee Silicone Pump Suction? Easy to clean and sterilize and warm in bottle warmer microwave oven dishwasher.No harmful chemicals Anti-dust lid -ensure cleanliness for mum collect milk and nursing .Lightweight and portable - perfect for long distance trips, plane, or car rides ,working place !Highly Exclusive design breast pump stopper-which compatible all manual silicone breast pump.No electricity needed-you can use silicone breastpump anywhere at anytime without needing power bank or electric breast pump Less pain and easy pumping - extremely soft and comfortable , giving the best comfort for your nursing milk letdown collection.Simple Steps To Breastfeeding : 1.Ensure that your Bumblebee breast pump is clean and sterilized. 2. put the breastpump close to your nipple and squeeze the middle base of the silicone manual breast pump. 3. Once the breastfeeding pump suction is created , the milk will flow into the breast pump. 4. Repeat squeeze action until the appropriate amount of milk come and collect by bumbleebee breast pump silicone breast pump specification Material: Silicone (food grade) Size: 2.45inch X 1.41inch X 5.8inch Capacity: 3oz / 90mlPackage Including: 1 x 90ml Bumblebee Breast pump 1 x breast Pump Stopper1x breast pump lid 1 x Instructions1 X Package Box 1 x Green Carry Bag Tips Clean the pump and sterilize before using.Warm Max Temperature: 120

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  • MOST VALUE MONEY BREAMLotus ILK SRORE PUMP - Silicone Breast Pumps to collect breast milk leaks and relieve engorgement using pure natural suction pressure and breast pump stopper to stop mlik leakage .Every ouch of breast milk is precious. Save it for your baby. Recommended by lactation mama and nurses from USA family and Health Presbyterian Hospital.
  • BUMBLEBEE BREASTPUMP WITH SOFT¬†USE¬†AND SAFE - breastmilk breastpump make of food grade silicone,BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.Bumblebee brand manual breast pump have Anti-fake Label -lotus Pond with Lotus Flower.
  • BREASTFEED BABY IN ANY WHERE ANYTIME - Manual Breast Pump Lightweight and silicone manual breast pump set with 1 x Breast Pump Stopper, 1 x Dust Cover Lid for breastpumps , 1 x Luxury Pouch for breast, 1 x Silicone Breast Pump and Full Color English Instructions, with Quality Hardcover Box packaging, which make it ideal as baby shower gift for newborn mum.
  • EASY TO USE - Hands-free and save breastmilk on the other side during breastfeeding. Collects up to 4 ounces/100 ml. Very Light and Perfect for travelling. Compared to electric breast pumps and others manual pumps ,our breast pump is manual design ,no cords, batteries or assembly required,use more secure and simple.
  • KEEP MUM'S BREAST MILK WITHOUT ANY POLLUTION :Our manual breast pump Compared to plastic breast pumps, which are more environmentally and reject all kinds of harmful Plastic .We are 100 committed to creating stylish, practical breast pump that are safe for both our kids . We guarantee If you purchase defective Bumblebee breast pump ,just contact us by our manual hot line ,we will solve all.

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Portable Electric Breast Pump - Dual Use Battery Baby Milk Pump Rechargeable Single Breastfeeding Pump with Adjustable Massage & Suction Level and Backflow Protector,10pcs Free Storage Bags Included

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SUPER QUITE The working noise of this breastmilk pump is only 48 dB, is just like quiet indoor whisper which is very quiet and you do not worry about wake baby up and disturb your colleges anymore.

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  • 🍼BACKFLOW PROTECTOR & SAFE AND HYGIENIC - The anti-backflow design provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up to the pump, prevent infection and keep the milk fresh. The cover is made of 100 safety high silicone material.

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Manual Breast Pump Silicone Hand Pump Breastfeeding Food Grade BPA Free Manual Pump with Lid Portable Milk Saver for Breast Feeding

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Hand pump breastfeeding is more gentle than the other pumps that may hurt your nipples by strong suction.

Our hand breastmilk pump is silent while pumping.

Your baby deserves to have a quiet moment instead of being disturbed while feeding.

Silicone breast pump is specially designed to collect the leaking milk while nursing on the other side.

It pumps out the milk from your breast by the natural pressure.

This breast hand pump is 100 made of food grade silicone.

It is safe for mommy and baby, reusable and 100 eco-friendly.

With its soft and ultra-light design, it is the best traveling pump you have ever found in the market.

You do not have to worry about running out of the batteries or breaking the pump accidentally on traveling.

It's a manual Perfect for flight trip, BBQ, fishing, any outdoor activities.
Lightweight design is portable and discreet.Great compliment to hand breast pump.

Easy-to-use and soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle makes manual pumping comfortable.

All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA.
Includes 1.manual pump, 1 5oz bottles with lids 1 nipple with collar 1 cap1 membranes.

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  • 👶100 FOOD GRADE BPA FREE FDA APPROVED - It is made of food-grade silicone, BPA-free materials to ensure that your milk remains natural and safe for your baby's feeding. It's FDA approved, which definitely safe. Our manual breast pump also provides you with free lid, nipple and feeding bottle for caring your baby.
  • 👶COMFORTABLE &SILENT - hand pump breastfeeding is more gentle than the electronic pumps Our breast pumps has two adjustable strengths Soft silicone pad on the mouth makes you feel more comfortable while pumping milk. it's silent enough to fully protect your privacy.
  • 👶PORTABLE &EASY TO ASSEMBLE -Our silicone breast pump is soft and ultra-light designed, only about 5 ounces makes it very portable when you're out only a few parts make it easy to assemble.
  • 👶EASY TO CLEAN AND STERILIZE-Clean the pump and lid with water. Notice that wash by hand or dishwasher, and recommend to put it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Sterilize the pump in boiling water for 3-5 mins, Do not put in the microwave
  • 👶BEST SERVICE -If you ever experience a problem with our silicone hand pump, Please contact us in time simply add one to your cart now and you'll have manual breast pump for your baby no time!

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Manual Breast Pump, Dr.meter BPA Free Food Grade Milk Pump Suction with 180 Degree Rotated Handle for Storing and Feeding, Bottle Base and Nipple with Lid Included

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Dr.meter Food Grade BPA-Free Milk Breastpump
Modern moms are busier than ever, and don't always have the time to breast feed. Some just need a release from the soreness caused by milk buildup. If you need to leave your baby at home, are bothered by painful engorgement, or don't want to breast feed in public, the Dr. meter Manual Breast Pump is just what you need! This pump uses gentle pressure to suction out breast milk without discomfort. Moreover, its user-friendly design such as rotary handle, large capacity, and the tight bottle holder are all for your convenience, which relieve you from unnecessary troubles. The 6 ounce capacity allows you to store a great deal of milk at once. Make things a little easier on yourself!

Material: Silicone (food grade), BPA-Free
Suction Cup Size: 9.5cm10.7cm
Capacity: 6 ounces
Color: White

1. Wash the pump and lid by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher.
2. Place the pump in boiling water for 3-5 minutes to sterilize. DO NOT put the pump in the microwave.
3. Center the pump over your nipple and squeeze the silicone to create suction.
4. You're good to go! The pump will do the rest.

Note: Cover the pump with the lid to prevent foreign contaminants from entering the milk. (The lid is for covering purpose only and it is not 100 leak proof.)

Package Contents
1 Manual Breast Pump
1 Nipple
1 Set Fastener
2 Check Valve

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  • Completely Safe for Your Baby: Your child's safety is our priority. The high-quality silicone is non-toxic, BPA free, odorless, and FDA certified. Your milk will retain all of its nutritional value without external contaminants.
  • Comfy, Silent, and Discreet: The soft silicone fits most breast sizes and ensures the most comfortable pumping experience possible. Better still, this pump is quiet and discreet- you'll never have to worry about obnoxious and embarrassing noise.
  • Rotating Handle for Added Convenience: The handle can be rotated a full 180 degrees to accommodate any position. Use it standing up, sitting down, left-handed, or right-handed! You'll be able to find the perfect angle no matter what.
  • Easy-Breezy Assembly: We've eliminated the unnecessary bells and whistles to make this pump as simple as possible. Made of only a few parts, it's easier than ever to assemble, disassemble, and clean.
  • Lots of Great Features: This breast pump is as user-friendly as they come. You'll enjoy a large capacity (6 ounces) of milk storage, and leakage prevention valve, a bottle holder, and even an extra rubber nipple!

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Kiddiluv Manual Breast Pump with Baby Bottle (Single) Portable, Travel Friendly, Handheld Breastfeeding Kit Hypoallergenic Soft Silicone Breast Shield Gentle, Efficient Suction

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Make it easier to keep breastmilk ready for your baby with a manual breast pump from Kiddluv that's portable, compact, and easy to use.

When it comes to breastfeeding, it can be challenging to provide your baby with healthy milk when you're struggling with the pain or if you're balancing work and other responsibilities. That's why we created the Kiddiluv Evolve Manual Breast Pump that offers all the convenience you need for on-the-go pumping, but with the comfort and support required to make it fast, simple, and easy on your body.

Comfortable, Portable, and Gentle on Mom

Each portable pump is designed especially for mothers who need the extra support while breastfeeding. That's why the ergonomic handle is easier to squeeze, the silicone breast shield perfectly cups your breast and is naturally hypoallergenic, and the attached bottle is lightweight and easy to store whether you're at home, work, or traveling.

Baby Bottle Included

Every manual breast pump also comes with a small baby bottle that can be used to feed your baby at the spot, store it for later, or just to help relieve built-up pressure. And because it's refrigerator safe, you can keep milk available before or after naptime; or whenever they're hungry for more!

Product Details:

  • Manual Breast Pump (Single)
  • Ergonomic Pumping Handle
  • FDA-Grade Silicone Breast Shield
  • Made of BPA-Free plastic material
  • Strong, Gentle Suction
  • Promotes Premium Milk Flow
  • Portable, Compact, Travel Friendly
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Makes an ideal baby shower gift

Keep your milk flowing strong and bottles more readily available with a portable, handheld breast pump from Kiddiluv by clicking 'Add to Cart' above now.

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  • Gentler for Sensitive Moms- This ergonomic single breast pump features a silicone breast shield that gently cradles your skin and provides firm, yet gentle suction.
  • Advanced Pumping Efficiency - The smooth, easy-to-squeeze handle and improved pump seal help maximize milk production while reducing hand fatigue or arm strain.
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone Parts - Crafted with FDA-grade, BPA-free plastic and flexible silicone, our manual breast pump is safer for you and your baby's milk.
  • Discrete Portability & Comfort - The single pump design is lightweight, compact, and portable, making it easier and less noticeable to use at home, work, or traveling.
  • Includes Baby Bottle - Every hand pump also comes with a small 4 oz. baby bottle that can store your breast milk for immediate use or kept safely in the refrigerator.

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Handheld breast pump