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Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10 Acne Treatment Body & Face Wash, 8 Ounce

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Treatment for moderate to severe acne. Not for sensitive skin.

Test on a small affected area for 2-3 days. Additional acne may occur and is a normal side effect.

Redness, irritation, peeling and dry skin should be expected. If severe, reduce use to once a day or every other day.

You must use an oil-free moisturizer after treatments to manage irritation.

Benzoyl peroxide will bleach fabrics. Use white/old towels & linens during treatment.

Treatment can take up to 6 weeks before seeing results. You must be patient & consistent.


Humane's acne wash clears your skin and helps prevent future breakouts. It's a powerful medication that kills acne-causing bacteria directly in the pores where pimples start.

Start changing the way your skin looks today.


Unlike other major skin care brands, we refuse to use questionable ingredients like:

Propylene Glycol: Skin-conditioning agent associated with dermatitis & hives.
Parabens: Preservatives linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, & reproductive toxicity.
Formaldehyde (Releasers): Embalming fluid used as a preservative. So dangerous it's been banned in the EU.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): Industrial degreaser used to make soap foamy. Skin, lung, and eye irritant.

Character is what you do when no one is watching. You won't find any hidden chemicals in our formulations.


Our mission is to raise the bar for personal care products, starting with honesty and transparency.

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  • Maximum strength 10 benzoyl peroxide acne wash is NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.
  • Acne treatment kills bacteria & helps prevent breakouts. Non-foaming lotion absorbs quickly.
  • Clean ingredients & cruelty-free. No parabens, SLS, fragrance, or animal products.
  • For face, body & back. Made in USA in a FDA/cGMP compliant facility.
  • NOT HAPPY? EMAIL US DIRECTLY for a refund. 100 satisfaction or your money back.

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Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100 Organic & Natural. With Activated Charcoal & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Face Soap or Body Soap. For Men, Women & Teens. Chemical Free. 4.5oz Bar

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This is a wonderful addition to your natural and organic skincare routine. Our soap is made for all skin types. Our soaps are very versatile and can be used as a face soap, body soap, hand soap or shaving soap for men and women. Lightly scented with a blend of lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Made by hand in small batches. Soap color is dark grey and almost black due to the high amount of Dead Sea mud and charcoal added.

For centuries people have traveled from all over the world to the Dead Sea to slather themselves in its nutrient-rich mud. The concentration of over 21 different minerals offers the ultimate natural skin care.

Dead Sea mud helps with:

- Deep cleansing Dead Sea mud draws out impurities, toxins and dirt particles, leaving your skin fresh and clean

- Fine grains act as an exfoliate, removing dead skin cells for a rejuvenating glow

- Tightens the pores for an anti-aging effect

- Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles

- Improves blood circulation and initiates natural skin regeneration, adding an all-day radiance to your skin

- Effective relief for skin disorders including acne, eczema and psoriasis

Natural soaps provide great benefits for your skin and body, while most commercial soaps contain skin irritants and other ingredients. You shouldn't need a chemistry degree to understand what's in your soap.

Why do most commercial soaps contain harmful chemicals? Most commercial soaps have the naturally occurring glycerin removed because it is highly profitable to sell or to use in other products. Therefore other chemical products are needed to create lather and preserve the product, which ends up harming your skin.

To sum it up, the best soap for your skin and our planet is handmade, all natural cold process soap bars. Once you've tried one of these lathery treasures, you'll never again be satisfied with 'store-bought' bars. Plus, your skin will thank you.

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  • 100 PURE DEAD SEA MINERAL MUD FROM ISRAEL. Our Organic Soap Is Chemical Free and Preservative Free. Each Bar is Handmade by Our Artisan Soap Maker. No Animal Testing - Cruelty Free - Vegan Soap.
  • MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC SKIN LOVING OILS: Certified Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Sustainable Palm Oil and Certified Organic Castor Bean Oil.
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Use as a face soap, body soap or shaving soap. For men, women and teens. Can be used to help with Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis
  • NATURALLY SCENTED With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Of Lemongrass, Peppermint and Eucalyptus
  • WE ARE CONFIDENT YOU WILL LOVE OUR ORGANIC SOAP. If You Are Not Satisfied For Any Reason, It's Ok! Just Send The Package Our Way And You Will Receive A Full Refund Of Your Purchase Price.

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DEAD SEA Salt Mud SOAP 3 PK, with Shea Butter, Argan Oil. For all Skin Types, Problem Skin. Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Natural, Therapeutic, Natural Fragrance Free

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One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Soap bars are 100 Natural, Non GMO, Cruelty Free, and are made with a combination of Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Dead Sea Mud, Argan Oil, Shea Butter and RSPO Certified Palm Oil Sustainable. Fragrance free, unscented soap.


The Dead Sea's rich mineral salts and mud deeply cleanse, heal and tone the skin while restoring the natural PH.


Dead Sea Mineral Salts have become famous for its many natural therapeutic ways to treat and care for problem skin, due to its rare composition of minerals at high concentrations. One With Nature Dead Sea Salts are harvested from the southern Dead Sea, where mineral content is at its highest.


According to published studies, about 80-90 of patients visiting the Dead Sea for treatment, experience significant improvement of their skin conditions.


Dead Sea Salt's unique mineral composition gives it the therapeutic qualities for skin care. While most sea salts are primarily Sodium Chloride; Dead Sea Salt is comprised of 21 beneficial minerals including: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide and Sulfur. (See Salt Comparison Chart in photograph section).


Triple milling creates a higher quality, longer lasting soap bar.

Use as a face cleanser, hand soap or body soap. You'll love how well our soap cleanses and balances your skin.

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  • PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, ACNE, SKIN CONDITIONS: Dead Sea treatment studies show significant improvements
  • CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE, BALANCE, SOFTEN AND DETOXIFY SKIN: With Dead Sea Salt's uniquely high mineral composition
  • 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied, return product for refund.

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Charcoal Black Soap Bar with Shea Butter for Face, Acne, Blackheads, Eczema, Psoriasis 100 All-Natural Vegan. Fragrance-Free. Non-GMO. Handmade. Facial Cleanser Soap for Oily Skin. 5 oz.

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Protect your skin from toxins by switching to an all-natural, vegan Activated Charcoal detox soap bar.


We created our Charcoal Detox soap to help you deal with skin trouble. It acts as a cleaner for acne-prone skin such as pimples, zits, blackheads. Whether you're a teenager, woman or man, our vegan facial cleanser is the solution you've been looking for. Very soon, you'll look at yourself in the mirror and smile, knowing that you made the right decision in grabbing your natural Charcoal Detox soap bar from K√ČiKA Naturals today.


We've realized that there are two huge problems with buying soap online: a) They're expensive and b) They don't last long. So, we decided to create the solution ourselves. Whereas most soap companies sell 3-4 oz bars that are costly and barely last a week, our natural soap bars are anywhere between 5-5.5 oz, are more affordable and last much much longer... 'nuff said!


Having to buy a different soap for your face, body and shaving sucks. Ain't nobody got time for that! The solution? Use our detoxifying soap for all your soaping needs: as a facial cleanser, body wash or shaving soap.


Most "natural" soap brands out there brand themselves as natural, but when you read the ingredients, you'll see artificial synthetics and preservatives such as "Fragrance", "Colorants", "Tetrasodium EDTA" to name a few. Very misleading if you ask us. At K√ČiKA Naturals, rest assured that we remain 100 honest and ethical about our ingredients.

Product Details

- 100 Vegan & All-Natural Handmade Charcoal Soap
- Fragrance-Free
- Made in Canada
- Generous Size: 5 oz
- No Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Colorants or Animal Testing

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  • 100 PURE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Our homemade soap is all-natural and 100 vegan. It's also chemical-free, preservative-free with only the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve clean skin.
  • HELPS ACNE-PRONE SKIN - Activated charcoal protects skin from toxins, sucks impurities, removes oils, and hides acne using its deep cleansing properties. It can be used to help with eczema and psoriasis.
  • FACE & BODY WASH - Use as a facial cleanser, shampoo, body soap or even as shaving soap. Perfect for men, women and teens.
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE - Rather than using artificial fragrances that are known skin irritants, we use all-natural essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender for a safer, more natural scent.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back. If you're not satisfied with the results for whatever reason, we'll happily refund your money. No questions asked. That's how confident we are in our products.

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Fighting Facial Cleanser with Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment medicine,, Daily Oil Free Acne Face Wash for Acne-Prone Skin with Salicylic Acid Medicine, 9.1 fl. Oz (Pack of 3)

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is the #1 dermatologist recommended acne-fighting cleanser. Designed with salicylic acid for acne-prone skin, this cleansing face wash gently cleans deep into pores for clearer skin and even helps treat acne before it emerges. Clinically proven Micro-Clear technology helps boost the delivery of salicylic acid acne medicine to help clear up acne and blackheads, and even helps prevent future breakouts. The oil-free formula rinses clean without over-drying or irritating the skin.

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  • 9.1-fluid ounce pump bottle of Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash with salicylic acid to help fight acne while cleansing skin
  • Unique formula gently cleanses deep down into pores with conditioners while the salicylic acid acne medicine helps prevent future breakouts in one simple step
  • Clinically proven Microclear technology helps boost delivery of acne medicine to help clear up acne and blackheads
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic, residue-free formula rinses clean and is never oily without over drying or irritating the skin to help unclog pores and treat acne even before it emerges
  • Acne fighting cleanser is from the #1 dermatologist-recommended acne brand and combines a powerful acne treatment and cleanser in one formula for clear skin. Is recommended for daily use on acne-prone skin

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Organic African Black Soap - Raw Organic Soap Ideal for Acne, Eczema, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Scar Removal, Face & Body Wash, Authentic Liquid Black Soap From Ghana (8oz) with Cocoa, Shea Butter & Aloe

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Make Your Skin Look Brand New & Feel Rejuvenated With Sky Organics African Black Soap

Looking for a Face and Body Wash that can truly do miracles for your skin without any artificial additives, preservatives or chemical substances?

Then you should look no further than Sky Organics African Black Soap. The purest, vitamin and mineral rich, organic type of Soap you can find !

Feel Your Skin Smooth, Velvety & Silky Today!

Sky Organics premium black soap works as a supreme moisturizing boost for your skin. It revitalizes, rejuvenates and restores your youthfulness while also minimizing skin dryness.

As a result, your skin looks MORE vibrant and toned than ever!

This Organic Black Soap Has BEEN LOVED AND WORSHIPPED For Centuries in Africa

African Black Soap has been widely used for years for its moisturizing, skin smoothing and anti-inflammatory powers.

We at Sky Organics have taken every safety / quality measure in existence to ensure the superior quality and purity of our Products!

Rest assured that you are always getting the best from us! And always backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guaranty

Why Delay? Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now Before Our Prices Go Up!

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  • What is Africa's women best kept secret? How do they keep their skin looking young and flawless? How can your skin look as great as theirs without makeup? Why is this handcrafted body and face wash better than any skin care treatment you've ever tried? Tired of trying dozens of toners, lotions, astringents, gels & creams? The answer: AFRICAN BLACK SOAP
  • Our Organic Liquid Black Soap is considered by many a miracle cleanser. Helps heal all types of skin conditions. From dry skin to eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitive skin & rashes. It's a 100 pure, fragrance free chemical-free. with no additives or parabens.
  • Made with Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & other gentle moisturizing ingredients that benefits sensitive and damaged skin due to the natural properties of the vitamins and minerals that fight free radicals and lock in the moisture.
  • Our organic soap is a 100 pure & natural and will make your skin will feel soft & smooth. The black soap helps to fight aging, blemishes & wrinkles. Comparable to homemade soaps, it is vegan friendly, and fair trade. It's also hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. Making it ideal for your whole family to use including your little ones.
  • Enjoy Sky Organics Amazing African Black Soap with the peace of mind that we back our offer with a 30-day unconditional MONEY BACK guarantee. You will be amazed by the results. It's a soap that has the properties of a toner, night cream , acne cleanser and much more...

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Face Wash - Facial Cleanser Made With Organic & Natural Ingredients - Skin Clearing Soap, Anti Blemish, Fights Acne, Non Drying, Non Oily No Harmful Chemicals. For Women & Men. Christina Moss Naturals

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We have worked for 17 years to refine and perfect our formulas. What we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out. Our Facial Wash is rich, nutritious and will clean, nourish and feed your skin with certified organic ingredients, including extracts and essential oils, leaving it healthy and beautiful. Excellent for ALL skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Our product is concentrated so our 4oz tube is equivalent to 8oz of other products. Gently lathers and rinses clean with skin soothing ingredients, without leaving build-up, stripping, drying or clogging your skin and pores. NO harmful chemicals what-so-ever. No SLS, SLES, parabens, PG or PG derivatives, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance or anesthetizing agents. Environmentally friendly. Each one is made with recycled packaging materials for a cleaner global environment.

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  • 🍃 ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR THOSE WITH VERY SENSITIVE SKIN: NO harmful chemicals of any kind (no chemical preservatives, no SLS, SLES, Propylene Glycol, PG derivatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes or synthetic fragrance). Greatly improves condition of the skin and pores. Perfect for ALL skin types. Hypoallergenic.
  • 🍃 OUR PRODUCTS ARE CONCENTRATED AND EFFECTIVE: Gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin without stripping, drying or leaving build-up. Our 4 oz. tube is equivalent to 8 oz. of other products. A dime size drop will cleanse your whole face. Works extremely well with a Clarisonic and other skin cleansing tools. Made for both women and men.
  • 🍃 MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: 100 Satisfaction GUARANTEED. Our products are prepared every week to ensure they are at their optimum best when you receive them. We even go one step further and guarantee purity and freshness for 6 months after your purchase date. Should anything appear unsatisfactory to you within that time, simply return it for a replacement or full refund.
  • 🍃 DESIGNED TO GET YOU RESULTS. Uniquely designed to gently, thoroughly, cleanse your skin while delivering key nourishing & benefiting ingredients. While it can be used alongside other brands, our products are formulated to support a highly effective relationship with one another. Properly layering CMN products brings optimal benefits & the best results possible. With our custom blend of organic ingredients and complete lack of toxic chemicals, our products are considered the best available.
  • 🍃 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AT ANY AGE: Your age does not define who you are. Fresh, vibrant skin & healthy hair say a lot about a person. The question is, how do you maintain the freshness & vibrancy of youth, naturally? No one ever said they wanted to grow up & have invasive surgery, skin injections or laser treatments. It's expensive, scary & it often looks quite artificial. There is a solution. Human skin is a living organ that absorbs what is applied to it. This is where our products come in.

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#1 Best Quality African Black Soap - Bulk 1lb Raw Organic Soap for Acne, Dry Skin, Rashes, Burns, Scar Removal, Face & Body Wash, Authentic Beauty Bar From Ghana West Africa - Incredible By Nature

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Stop searching for the skin care solutions you've been looking for, we have the answer!

You don't have to feel embarrassed anymore

* The healing power of this soap is beyond compare, helping to improves all conditions. Thousands are discovering the simple, but effective use of this handmade soap, and are enjoying immense improvement to the quality of their lives.

Immediately feel & see a difference

* Made with natural unrefinedShea Butter , your skin will be left baby soft, and feeling oh so smooth. The power of shea butter can used because it contains vitamins A and E that have been shown to strengthen skin and repair damage. Many today use it to heal burns, sores, scars, and to treat psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. It helps promote cell renewal and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Take advantage of the many healing properties

* The power of this soap doesn't stop with shea butter. It also containsCocoa Pod/butter , softens and firms the skin, has antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties that fight free radicals, repair & renew damaged skin;Palm Oil , rich in antioxidants vitamin E, treats acne, eczema & reduces cell damage;Palm Kernel Oil, high in lauric acid with anti-bacterial/fungal properties;Coconut Oil, reinforces the skin's lipid barrier to lock in moisture, repair dry skin and reduce wrinkles.

If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, get your money back guaranteed!

A great gift for friends and family, so take advantage of higher savings by using the coupon codes above!

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  • Ever been to Africa? What you note about the peoples skin is that it's flawless. What's the secret? How can your skin look as great as theirs without makeup? Why is this handcrafted bath scrub better than any skin care product you've ever tried? Tired of trying dozens of toners, lotions, astringents, gels & creams?
  • Known as the "Perfect Skin Secret," this miracle cleanser is used on all skin types. This fragrance free solid soap bar is the final answer that you've been searching for. You too can obtain the soft beautiful skin you desire.
  • Made with Unrefined Shea Butter & other gentle moisturizing ingredients it benefits sensitive and damaged skin because of the natural properties of the vitamins and minerals that fight free radicals, lock in moisture, heal and repair as well as strengthen skin cells. Leaving your body with the protection it needs.
  • Because it's 100 pure & natural your skin will be soft, smooth and blemish free that helps with aging, spots & wrinkles. Comparable to your favorite homemade soaps, this is vegan friendly, and fair trade. It's also hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals making it ideal for your whole family to enjoy, even your baby.
  • See your white heads, oily skin, and pimples vanish with a guarantee. Buy today and you'll be protected by our 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Purchase with a feeling of assurance that if your review of our brand of product does not prove in part or whole to benefit your skin then just let us know and we'll promptly refund your money.

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Simplici Activated Charcoal Unscented Bar Soap. Bulk 6 Pack. Palm Oil Free. With 15 Coconut Oil. Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis Safe. Body Wash For Oily Skin - Face, Facial, Hand. Black, Lye Soap 5 Oz Bars.

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UNSCENTED CHARCOAL is a face, hand and body cleanser. Artisan crafted by combining coconut oil, activated charcoal and powdered marshmallow root with an Appalachian inspired, centuries old, lard and lye soap recipe. The result is a very hard, long-lasting soap bar that works into a thick, foamy lather.

COCONUT OIL increases the hardness and lathering abilities of this soap - resulting in a very long-lasting bar that lathers well in a variety of water conditions.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is a completely natural, highly adsorptive carbon contributing to this bar's deep cleansing abilities. There is over one gram of active charcoal per 5-ounce bar! This hand, body and face wash is commonly used with acne, acne prone skin, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

POWDERED MARSHMALLOW ROOT is a vitamin and mineral rich herb that contributes to this soaps smooth and silky texture.

Bar soap is the original bottle-free skin cleanser. Simplici products are conscientiously produced, and completely free of plastic bottles, palm oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and micro-plastic exfoliating beads.

Try all Simplici handmade soaps and find your favorite, risk free, with our money back guarantee. Proudly made in Pikeville, TN, USA.

Great for teens, moms, dads, men, women, gifts, gift, gift sets, pampering, daily use, camping, travel, hunting, firefighters and the work out bag.

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  • An adsorptive black soap that leaves you squeaky clean.
  • Over 1 gram of activated charcoal per bar.
  • NO ADDED SCENT. No palm oil. No artificial color. No synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Coconut oil and powdered marshmallow root contribute powerful botanical properties to non-vegan bar.
  • 6 Bar Bulk pack.

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Activated Charcoal Soap Bars With Dead Sea Mud - For Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema. All Natural Face Cleanser & Body Soap. Made With Goat Milk & Peppermint Essential Oil. (3 BARS)

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Southern Natural Dead Sea Mud & Black Charcoal Soap is made with goat's milk and all natural ingredients that your skin will love!

Satisfaction Guaranteed! We've been making soap for over 7 years and we have many customers who tell us that our handcrafted soap is the best! We are so confident you'll love our soap, that we offer a 100 satisfaction guarantee.

Southern Natural soaps are handmade using the cold process method. Our bars then cure for 6-8 weeks resulting in a harder, longer lasting bar of soap.

Benefits: Our bar soap is great for all skin types and has helped many of our customers with psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea and dry itchy skin. Many of our customers report that they no longer get cracks in their fingers when using our soap on their hands.

Key Ingredients:

Dead Sea Mud - Improves skin health due to it's high levels of natural minerals and is used by many as a psoriasis treatment.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal - Draws out impurities and toxins and is great for acne.

Natural Oils - Made with olive, coconut & palm oils to create a very moisturizing bar of soap.

Goat Milk - Contains natural fats, which add to the moisturizing properties of our soap. It also has many proteins, vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil - has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which are great for acne.

Rosemary Essential Oil - has natural antibacterial properties that are beneficial for acne, eczema and dermatitis.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - also contains antibacterial properties and is good for acne and irritated skin.

Common uses:

Use as a face cleanser, hand soap or body soap. You'll love how well our soap cleanses your skin without leaving it tight and dry.

Great for men, women, teens and adults.

Each bar weighs apprx. 4 oz

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  • DO YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN? GIVE THIS HANDMADE SOAP A TRY! Many of our customers have reported that our natural soap has helped them with psoriasis, eczema and acne.
  • MADE WITH ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - including, Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Activated Charcoal, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Goat's Milk & Peppermint, Rosemary & Eucalyptus Essential Oils.
  • LONG LASTING BARS THAT GIVE GREAT LATHER - Our customers tell us that our bar soap is longer lasting compared to commercial bars and other natural soaps.
  • 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! MADE IN USA. Add to cart and support small business.

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Face soap for acne