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Greatever 2018 Newest Version View Panoramic Snorkel Mask - Breathefree Full Face Snorkeling Mask with Detachable GoPro Mount, Dry Top Set Anti-Fog Anti-Leak for Adults&Kids(Blue, S/M)

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Make sure there is no sand on the mask or tube,if there has sand,using water to clear the breathing tube or mask,once the mask is clean then it ready for use.

Checking the seal:
Pull the straps of the mask over your head and check the fit of the mask on your face,breath normally to check for any leaks,if you feel slight pressure change when you breath,then you have a good seal,if not,please kindly adjust the mask wire size.

Once in the water,swim on the surface and breathe calmly through your mouth or nose,if you feel light headed remove the mask immediately,keeping your chin slightly up will create the best breathing experience,if you feel any obstruction to your breathing,it may be due to the snorkel being covered in water temporarily,the dry top snorkel design will prevent water from entering through the top of the snorkel,if water leaks into your mask,simply lift your head out of the water and it will drain out of the chin valve,no need emove your mask to clear it of water.

Why Choose Us:The Greatever Foldable Snorkeling Mask effectively solves the problems of the non foldable snorkeling mask: the non foldable one is not easy to install,and the breathing tube is easy to fall off when it is used; after several times of use,it is necessary to replace its accessories (O type seal ring).The Greatever Foldable Snorkeling Mask is easy to install,and its breathing tube will not fall off.There is no need to replace any accessories,and the mask has a longer service life.

Greatever's guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our products,we will provide you with a 100 refund.

Greatever's warranty: if any quality problems are found within 90 days after you buy this product,we will offer replacement for a new product free of charge.

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  • FULL FACE DESIGN- Our snorkel mask provides a viewing area. Makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling. In addition, unlike a curved Lens which is like a fishye lens that makes everything seem to be farther away than normal, which is unsafe and will cause dizziness and headache over time, our snorkel mask is equipped with a different lens that brings you more comfort and reality scene.
  • DRY SNORKEL & ANTI-FOGGING Stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging. This innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer.
  • FOLDED-SNORKEL DESIGN- By eliminating the falling-off problem of the snorkel, you will never worry about the falling-off or leakage during your snorkeling; This mask will serve you for a long time and perfectly solves the non-folding snorkel masks' problem and the installation difficulties, like easily damaging the buckle and easily lose your snorkel mask.
  • BEGINNER & YOUTH FRIENDLY- Breathing with this mask is so easy, even for not experienced swimmers. It also comes with a detachable Gopro Mount, so you can easily attach your action camera to capture and share your snorkeling adventure with your friends and family.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY!- Simply contact us and get a free replacement or full money back with any functional problem ( if your friend doesn't like its color, that doesn't qualify for replacement).

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TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH (2019 Version) Full FACE Anti-Fog Snorkel MASK with A Secure Lock and Free Replacement Ring & Optional GoPRO Camera Mount - for Adults OR Kids (Atoll, M/L)

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Winner of the Oxylane Innovation Award, the Subea EasyBreath Full-Face Mask 2019 made by Tribord is the mask everyone else has tried to copy.


  • Guaranteed Fog-Free
  • 180Â Panoramic Experience
  • Dry-Top Snorkel System
  • Breathe Through Mouth and Nose
  • Camera Mount Ideally Positioned
  • Only Mask with Fully Separated Air Channels
  • US Based, Expert and Convenient Customer Service 305.571.8419

This 2018 updated version of the EasyBreath comes with:

  • Enhanced air channels for an even more natural experience
  • Improved secure lock to keep the snorkel firmly attached
  • A hypoallergenic silicone skirt that seals the mask to your face

The EasyBreath is available in 3 colors and in 4 sizes which are:

  • XS is perfect for kids up to the age of 9
  • S/M generally for kids 10yr, teenagers & most women
  • M/L for older Teen Boys & some larger women
  • L/XL for most men
The DRY FREAKÂ replacement O-ring is included.

EasyBreath changed the way thousands of snorkelers around the world experience underwater adventures, be the next one!

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  • DRY FREAK spare ring included. This Latest Version - 2019 - has a Secure Lock Snorkel to prevent the snorkel head from detaching unexpectedly.
  • 2 Year Tribord Warranty. Hypoallergenic Silcone Facial Lining. GroPro Option
  • Exclusive Anti-Fogging Patented Design. Continuous Fresh Air Flow with a double chamber air vent valve
  • 180 Panoramic Field of Vision. Shatterproof window for added safety.
  • Anatomic Design. 4 different SIZES: XS is perfect for kids up to the age of 10. S/M generally for Kids 11yr, Tweens & Most Women. M/L for older Teen Boys & Average Men & some Women. L/XL for larger face Men & some Women.

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ME MARTIAN ELITE Tribord/Subea Easybreath (2018 Version) Full Face Snorkel Mask with Camera Mount, Enhanced Anti-Fog and Anti-Leak, Blue, S/M!

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The Easybreath mask is designed by Decathlon, the inventor of full face snorkel mask. The innovative snorkel mask enables you to SEE and BREATHE UNDERWATER just like on DRY LAND. It solves the issues related with traditional snorkel mask, and now you enjoy:
An upgrade from traditional masks with a larger viewing area, a panoramic field of vision, 180 effect.
Prevention of fogging up by a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans.
Waterproof design with a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water.

Latest Tribord/Subea Easybreath Snorkel Mask, which has a secure lock to prevent the snorkel from detaching.
GoPro Mount compatible with the Snorkel Mask.

Wash the mask by hand with washing-up liquid, dry it and store the mask in its net to let the air get to it. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Not suitable for under 10s, free-diving or intensive swimming.

The Easybreath is available in 2 sizes which cover 90 of faces. Children aged over 10, teenagers and women should opt for the S/M size, and men for the M/L size. With your mouth closed, measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin:
If < 12 cm (4 3/4"), choose size S/M
If > 12 cm (4 3/4"), choose size ML.

Tribord Diving is now called SUBEA, the Decathlon brand dedicated to underwater sports (snorkelling, scuba diving, spearfishing and free-diving). The markings on all our diving products will gradually be replaced. Why SUBEA? Because: "SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing"!

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  • DESIGNED By INNOVATOR - It is designed by Decathlon, the inventor of easy-breath full-face snorkel mask.
  • 180 FULL FACE VIEW - Panoramic field of vision, 180 effect. Largest viewing area of any snorkel on the market.
  • EASY BREATHING - Full mask for natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.
  • ANTI-FOG & ANTI-LEAK - An exclusive air circulation concept that prevents the formation of fog; Two mask sizes with a silicone face skirt for comfort and a watertight seal.
  • WATERPROOF - The "Dry Top" snorkel system limits water entry through the top of the snorkel.

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roadwi 2018 NEW Full Face Snorkel Mask Easy Breath Panoramic 180 View with Anti Fog Anti Leak 100 Silicone Skirt Dry Snorkel Technology Scuba Diving Mask For Adult and Kids (black orange, L/XL)

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Here are some of the great advantages you can enjoy if you choose to try a New Rounded Full Face Snorkel Mask:

1 There is absolutely no learning curve, you just put it on and enjoy the experience;

2 It's perfect for both beginners and pros;

3 A great way to introduce snorkeling to kids;

4 Offers far wider and clearer visibility with the new version 180 degree angle screen;

5 Keeps water away from your face and more important, your mouth totally;

6 The built in snorkel tube is a hi-tech, dry snorkel;

7 Is equipped with a drain valve that drains water automatically when you resurface;

8 Doesn't fog up, thanks to the dual air flow ventilation system;

9. 8.8inch SNORKEL TUBE You could dive deeper than other snorkels.


We confidently offer a 2 years Warranty against defects.If our product does not meet your expectations in any way, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. No questions asked. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


With your mouth closed, measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin:

If it measures less than 4.7in, choose size S/M

If it measures more than 4.7in, choose size L/XL

What's in the BOX?

1x Roadwi full face snorkel mask

1x replacement silicone ring

1x User Guide

1x 30 Days Money Back & 24 Months Warranty

Kind Reminder:

This snorkel mask is not intended for use in freediving,scuba diving or strenuous swimming,please follow the instructions.

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  • NEW Rounded Surface Design: 2017 New Rounded 180 Design which provides a large and unobstructed field of vision so you won't miss a thing. Unlike the version has a flat lens,you will see more fish and the underwater scenic beauty with this advanced design.
  • DRY SNORKEL: Design with dry top technology it will prevent salt water from getting into the breathing tube while you submerge. Breathe underwater naturally through the nose, without any constrictions.
  • 100 SILICONE SKIRT : Specially made non-toxic silicon material skirt. It's pretty wide so it will mold to just about any size and shape face and provide you with the best level of comfort as well as a superior level of sealing.
  • EASY TO USE:There is absolutely no learning curve, you just put it on, breathe normally and enjoy the experience. Perfect for both beginners and pros
  • SHATTER-RESISTANT: Anti -damaged Lenses is made of high-density plastic that's designed to withstand the pressure of 5ft fall. 24 Months Warranty and 30 days no asking full refund guarantee.

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Unigear Full Face Snorkel Mask 2019 Upgraded Version (Blue, Large/Extra Large)

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  • Upgraded Safety Airflow System: We heavily focused on airflow to maximize safety. Unlike other snorkel mask have only 2 channels or connected channels, our new snorkel mask features 3 totally separated air channels that can prevent CO2 re-inhalation, ensure your every inhalation is fresh air, not the old air makes you feel dizziness and even suffocate. Maximum fresh air intake and increase safety.
  • Easy Dressing Straps & Buckle: 2019 Unigear new snorkel mask added 2 quick quick-release buckles, which is more easy and convenient for you to wear and take off. With adjustable dual elastic straps that is fully adjustable allowing you to customize your mask for the perfect fit.
  • Enhanced Features: The new mask drastically improves breathability, enhances the viewing area and adds several quality features to create an unmatched snorkeling experience. There are a connected silicone ring connect snorkel mask and tube which is foldable, easy install and can prevent lose the tube. Skirt silicone adopted superior material keeping right fitting seal and comfortable, additional anti-leak seal ring enhance the dry system.
  • Ultimate 180Panoramic View: Clear and flat lenses give you a spectacular sea view of underwater. Additional handler and detachable camera mount for you easy capture your adventures and share them with friends and family. See more! Touch more! Adventure more!
  • 100 SATISFATION GUARANTEE: If you are not 100 satisfied with this product for any reason, please contact customer service within 60 days, and we will immediately refund your purchase price - no questions asked

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VERLIFE Snorkel Mask Full Face 180 Panoramic View with Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Design, 2018 Newest Generation Ultra-Wide Upgraded Free Breathing GoPro Compatible Snorkeling Mask for Adults and Kids

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Is the traditional snorkel mask uncomfortable for you? Do you hate the low speed of breathing air and the red indent on your face after wearing traditional snorkel mask? Have you ever suffered gag reflex? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, try our products and experience different ways of snorkeling.

Our UNIQUE FULL FACE SNORKEL MASK is fantastic for your holiday. You can breathe freely and easily during snorkeling.

2018 newest generation snorkel mask           Traditional snorkel mask

Double floating balls(ANTI-LEAK                     One floating ball

Four breathing valves(ANTI-FOG)                      Two breathing valves

Ultra-wide 180viewing lens (see more)              Narrow lens


Size: L/XL.  S/M.      Weight: 0.65kg/1.43lb.

Material: Liquid Silicone, PC     



1 new snorkel mask

1 nylon bag

1 user manual



As all other full-face masks, our product is not designed for diving into depth. If you dive too deep,the anti-leak function won't work and you will have danger of suffocation!

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  • SPECTACULAR VIEW FULL FACE DESIGN: Our snorkel mask can provide 180 no blind-spot snorkeling experience to you and there is no more disturbing tube in your mouth. You can breath through mouth or nose freely.
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The material of our full face snorkel mask is medical-grade silica gel which won't irritate or put too much pressure on your skin. Besides, the material can make airtight seals fit your face comfortably.
  • DRY SNORKEL ANTI-LEAK DESIGN: With dry snorkel design on the top, double floating balls will go up automatically to block air inlet and prevent water from entering into mask when you are completely under water.
  • NEW ANTI-FOG DESIGN: Different from traditional snorkel mask, this 2018 new generation mask is featuring double air valves and 4 ventilation ports which can provide fog-free view and improved airflow to keep snorkeling for longer.
  • REMOVABLE GoPro MOUNT: Thanks to easy-install camera mount, you can capture amazing underwater adventures and share with your friends. Just go snorkeling with our mask.

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Asmeten Full Face Snorkel Mask 2018 Newest Panoramic View Snorkeling Mask with Camera Mount, Dry Top Set Easy Breath Anti-fog Anti-leak for Adults and Kids

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  • NEWEST AND EASY TO USE Our mask has a longer tube, allowing you to submerge your head deeper in water, keeping the air supply open. Suitable for all kinds of head shape. Suitable for kids and adults.
  • 180 FULL FACE DESIGN, FREE BREATHING SNORKELING MASK You can breathe through your mouth or nose with this Snorkeling Mask with no mouthpiece to put in your mouth. The innovative full face and ball system design makes it easier to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling.
  • DRY SNORKEL TECHNOLOGY Inhaling and exhaling through separate channels (Double air-flow channels structure) for anti-fogging. Separate breathing channels create an airflow away from the main viewing visor which helps eliminate fogging and allows you to snorkel longer.
  • PANORAMIC VIEW SNORKEL MASK WITH CAMERA MOUNT Full clear view makes it easy to enjoy the underwater view. With the integrated camera mount, you can easily attach your camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEEIf you are not fully satisfied with our products, we will provide you with a 100 refund

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Cevapro Snorkel Mask, Safe K2 Breathing System Full Face Snorkeling Mask for Natural Breath & Safe Snorkeling Anti Leak Anti Fog Diving Mask 180 Panoramic View Dry Snorkel Set for Kids Adult

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Through continuous improvement and test, Cevapro K2 Full Face snorkel mask for Adults and kids can provide you with perfect fit and comfort, optimized snorkel tube length for maximum airflow to ensure breath freely, optimized Lens shape for larger and clearer visibility, Cevapro never compromises on quality. We only use high quality silicone and injection molding processes to product our snorkel masks


100 ANTI FOG - Separate champer to reduce foging

100 ANTI LEAK - with ergonomics waterproof structure and foodgraded silicone, full face dive mask provides perfect seal and fit

180 PANORAMIC VIEW - We optimized lens shape and improved lens clarity, which provide larger field and clearer clarity

REAL BREATH NATURELY - K2 one way(outer) recirculating breathing snorkeling mask with separated exhale and inhale, 2 snorkel tube provide maximum airflow and ensure fresh air in diving mask, which provides 100 easier work of breathing than other full face snorkeling masks on the market

ADJUSTABLE SNORKEL VALVE - You can adjust the angle of the breathing tube you want. Diving or swimming with many posture


Never go snorkeling alone

Please test your snorkel mask kids adult in the pool before starting the vacation

It is recommended to take off scuba mask to rest at least once every 30 minutes. Make sure to breath the fresh air during the breaks

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  • Born for Free Breathing: 2019 Newest Full face snorkel mask with 2 valve (standard mask only 1 valve)was designed for 100 easier breathing underwater than others on the markets, Besides, we optimized snorkel set tube length and enhanced adjustable valve feature, which all allows you inhale maximum airflow and breathe naturally. CO2 will be exhaled directly out of mask through separated exhalation that integrated on the mouth of snorkeling mask. No hard breath, No get CO2 in
  • Tested by 3rd party expert of Snorkeling mask and Valve: our snorkeling mask was tested and improved thousands of times, at the same time, We measured fresh air flow rate of snorkel valve and CO2 concentraion in masks, it shows breathing mask has reached both the European parliament and the council on personal protective equipment (snorkeling standard NF EN1972 & mask standard NF EN16805). safer snorkel set for snorkeling
  • 100 Anti Fog & 180 Degree Panoramic View: our diving mask underwater was tested tens of thousands by our team, It can be anti fog up to 15000 hours. Besides, optimized lens shape and refined lens allow 30 clearer distortionless visibility as well as wider visual field
  • Anti Leak & Dry Snorkel Set: snorkeling mask was well built in durable silicone liner and designed with ergonomic waterproof structure, which provides maximum comfortable and Great watertight sealing, keep dry air recirculate in mask always
  • SIZE TIPS & WARRANTY: added adjustable valve design make snorkeling more fun and possibility. Choosing right size of snorkeling mask kids adults is very important, be sure to measure from the bridge of your nose (between your eyes) to the tip of your chin, and choose your size according to size chart. Cevapro full face dive mask provides 3 MONTHS WARRANTY, if you have any question, please feel free to contact me

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LEUCOTHEA 2018 Full Face Snorkel Mask 180Panoramic View Anti-Leak Anti-Fog with Camera Mount Earplugs Portable Bag Foldable Diving Mask Breath Design Snorkeling Gear for Adult & Youth

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Item specifies:
1. This diving mask is made of a high-quality polycarbonate plastic and hypoallergenic liquid silicone,safety and durability.
2. Longer and Foldable Snorkel Tube --- Easier to breath and allow you to dive deeper. Convenience to use and you will never lose it.
3. Detachable GoPro Mount with Extender --- Install or remove the mount as you want. Allow the GoPro totally submerged in water to record.
4. Adjustable Headband with Buckle --- Adjust it without need to take it off. The buckle keep the headband tightly.
5. Frosted Surface and Removable waterproof earplugs.
6. With bag for easy storage and carrying .

Lifetime Warranty:
REFUND or RESEND immediately, if the full face snorkel mask damaged in the process of transit or broken during normal use (Not including damage caused by abnormal use and change color).

S/M size: inner diameter about 17*13CM, outer diameter about 23*19CM
L/XL size: inner diameter about 19*13CM, outer diameter about 23*19CM

Package Included:
1 x Full Face Snorkel Mask
1 Pair of Earplug
1 x Bag

The Reason Why Choose Us:
1, We are a company with modern ideas integrating R&D, design, production and sales. We have excellent design teams in Paris, New York, HongKong and Shenzhen. We have the most advanced equipment and production line, we have the most stringent quality inspection system.
2, Our products have passed UL certification in the United States, SGS certificatrion in china and CSA certification in Canada. We have alsolute confidence to keep you safety during snorkeling.
3. If you satisfied, we would really appreciate it if you would leave us your valuable feedback.
4. Any question, please feel free to contact us before taking any further action. We will try our best to solve your problem asap. Thank you very much.

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  • 180 FULL FACE DESIGN & DETACHABLE CAMERA MOUNT: This full face mask with 180 degree wide viewing angle for enjoying the wonderful ocean world. Removable Gopro and camera mount design for photographing and recording your amazing underwater adventures. Perfect for adult and youth to have a wonderful holiday
  • FOLDABLE TUBE: Our snorkel mask has a longer foldable tube, allowing you to submerge your head deeper in water, keeping the air supply open. Suitable for all kinds of head shape
  • ANTI-FOG DESIGN: Our innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that help to eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer
  • PROFESSIONAL&COMFORTABLE: Our snorkel mask is made from 100 polycarbonate which is the same as the materials of a large gymnasium. It has super strong shatterproof performance on the basis of clarity. So fashion and practical. The lining is made from soft silicone nose part, enable you balancing ear press when diving shallowly
  • ATTENTION: This snorkel mask is not intended for use in free diving, scuba diving or strenuous swimming, please follow the instructions. Please wash the mask by hand with washing-up liquid, dry it. Do not wash in the dishwasher

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HEETA Snorkel Mask 2.0 Version 2018 New Foldable 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask Panoramic View with GroPro Mount Anti-Fog Anti Leak Easy Breath Dry Snorkel Mask for Adults Kids (Black & Red L/XL)

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HEETA Full Face Snorkel Mask

5 colors: black, black & red, black & blue, white & pink, white & blue

2 Sizes: S/M (<4.8inches), L/XL (>4.8inches)
It's important to choose a mask with the right size, please read carefully with size chart and purchase a suitable diving mask, this is the most effective way to prevent water from entering your mask.

Surface Snorkeling
Our full face snorkel mask is designed to optimize surface snorkeling experiences. Diving deeper than 6-8 feet below surface not recommended.

Package included:
2 replaceable plugs
1 cell phone waterproof case
1 Anti Fog mist spray
1 lens wiper
1 GoPro mount
1 set screw
1 pair earplugs
1 backpack
100 Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:
If you have any quality problems or complaints within 12 months after you purchased, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a perfect solution within 24h.

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  • Updated Foldable Snorkeling Mask Foldable dry breathing tube is very portable and convenient, more effectively prevent water from ingress. Optimized breathing channel makes you breathe more freely.
  • 180 Panoramic Full Face Snorkel Mask 180 Plano lens design provides wider and more clear vision, without deformation, let you enjoy a more comfortable and reality scene. Some kinds of curved lens probably makes everything in front of you seem to be farther away than normal, it may cause dizziness and headache.
  • Dry Snorkel and Anti Fog Separate inhaling and exhaling channels provide a dry and comfortable breathing environment, stops snorkel mask from fogging up in physical. Comes with additional Anti Fog mist spray, can be used to the mask in low-temperature environment by adding water into the spray bottle.
  • Beginner and Youth Friendly Easy to wear, breathe freely, not only for experienced swimmers, also be good for beginners. Comes with a detachable Gopro holder, can easily attach your action camera to record your wonderful diving experience.
  • Complete FittingsComes with 9 free gifts - 2 replaceable plugs, 1 cell phone waterproof case, 1 Anti Fog mist spray, 1 lens wiper, 1 detachable GoPro mount, 1 set screw, 1 pair detachable earplugs, 1 backpack.

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