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Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles, Set of 6

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Stop struggling with flimsy, hard-to-fill plastic bottles ... and worrying about what their chemicals are doing to your body and the environment. Epica's sturdy glass bottles let you safely, conveniently store your favorite beverages in the refrigerator, or take them with you to the gym or office.

Healthy, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic
Glass food containers are making a big comeback. The reason: more and more research revealing the health risks of ingesting plastic's chemical components, such as BPA and phthalates. Not to mention their icky plastic taste. Plus, glass bottles will last for years, and you won't be throwing hundreds of plastic ones into the landfill.

Stainless Steel Cap with O-Ring for Water-Tight Seal
No worries about leaking, no straining to tighten the Epica's cap. Thanks to the inner O-ring, which acts as a gasket, you only have to turn the cap until it reaches its natural stopping point. The leak-proof seal will hold even if you carry the bottle horizontally.

Wider Mouth for Easy Filling and Cleaning
The tiny neck of the average water bottle makes it almost impossible to fill without spills. Epica Glass Beverage Bottles, on the other hand, have a wider mouth that significantly reduces your filling time and hassle, as well as making the interior easily accessible to a cleaning sponge or brush. Even better, both the bottle and the cap can go in the dishwasher.

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  • BE HEALTHY, WHEREVER YOU GO: It's easier than ever to take your healthy homemade juices and smoothies with you when you carry them in your Epica Bottles.
  • EARTH AND DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: Your fresh-squeezed juices look gorgeous on your table and in your fridge in these classy air-tight and Eco-friendly bottles. And when it's time to wash them? Just toss them (nicely) into your dishwasher-they'll come out clean and ready for action.
  • DURABLE, LEAD-FREE GLASS CONSTRUCTION WITH EXTRA-WIDE MOUTH: Most water and juice bottles are a pain to fill and wash but the wide mouth on these Epica Bottles make everything from filling to cleanup easy.
  • NO LEAKS, GUARANTEED AIR AND WATER TIGHT STAINLESS STEEL CAP: Each cap is lined with a rubber O-ring so it will never leave a leaky mess in your car or bag. Oxygen can't get in to break down the enzymes and ruin your juices.
  • 18 OZ. BOTTLES FIT ANY LUNCH BAG OR CUP HOLDER: Take your bottles with you wherever you go - in the car, school or work. At 9 in. tall and 2.5 in. diameter, they fit in most car cup holders.

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Veegoal 18 Oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid and Protective Sleeve-Bpa Free (Mint Green)

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Let's Raise Glass to Glass

When you feel thirsty after the gym or work you can find plastic bottles anywhere. However many plastic water bottles contain BPA, an industrial resin that has been shown to be very dangerous to your health.

So what is the solution?

Introducing: The eco-friendly and stylish 18 oz glass water bottle from Veegoal.

Designed to Make Your Life More Healthy and Easy

Our bottle is built to handle life on the go by way of its easy and convenient design along with the toughness and strength of its shatter proof borosilicate glass and slip resistant sleeve.

Fits most backpack, car, and jogging stroller cup holders meaning whether your commuting to work or school, hitting the gym, going for a jog or always on the go you can stay hydrated.

100 BPA free, phthalate free, lead free and cadmium free. An eco-friendly and stylish alternative to plastic water bottles.

Dishwasher Safe and 3-month Money Back Guarantee

Our bottles are dishwasher safe and can be washed with the sleeve left on, however we recommend hand wash the bamboo lid. We offer a 3-month money back guarantee on our bottles. If you have any questions regarding the quality or warranty, please feel free to contact our support team, we are always here to help out.

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  • HIGH STRENGTH- Made from high strength borosilicate glass that is shatter resistant and has an instantaneous temperature tolerance of -20150 meaning it will not crack keeping your cold or hot drink safe.
  • STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL LID- The bamboo lid is not only stylish and functional but also environmental friendly. Never worry about leaks as the silicone seal creates a leak proof barrier once closed in place atop the bottle. We guarantee our lids for 90 days with free cap replacement if it breaks.
  • GREAT FOR ON THE GO- This bottle has the best mouth size for no-spill drinking. Fits most backpack, car, and jogging stroller cup holders for ease of use while on the go.
  • COMFORTABLE AND PROTECTIVE SLEEVE- The included sleeve allows for a comfortable slip resistant grip and provides a colorful extra layer of protection.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - 100 BPA Free, Phthalate free, lead free and cadmium free not to mention a great alternative to plastic water bottles.

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ORIGIN Best BPA-Free Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Fun Square Silicone Sleeve and Leak Proof Lid - Dishwasher Safe (Ocean Blue, 32 Oz)

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PREMIUM BOTTLES WITH A PURPOSE Our fashionable glass water bottles are perfect for juices, sodas, water and sport supplements. We believe that even drinking from perfectly designed water bottles will add to your daily joys. We also believe that joy should be shared to those who are less fortunate. Origin has partnered with a non-profit that drills water wells at village schools in rural Ghana. YOUR PURCHASE MAKES AN IMPACT! WHAT WE DO It's not enough to just make premium glassware. 2 of Origin revenue funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. We take a holistic approach to our giving with a focus on health and education. WHO WE FUND Our current grantee is Empower Playground, a non-profit that drills water wells and installs merry-go rounds that generate electricity at rural Ghanaian primary schools. HOW WE DO IT The water wells eliminate the need to drink from dirty streams and ponds and reduces preventable disease & under-five mortality rates for thousands of families throughout Ghana. The merry-go-rounds charge reading lanterns while the school students play on it. Students take these lanterns home after school, so they can do their homework. Thousands of Ghanaian villages have no power or clean water and your impact is literally life-saving. THE GLASS Break-resistant Borosilicate glass is stronger than your average glass bottle. It is capable of handling extreme cold or hot liquids without compromising the integrity of the bottle. THE SLEEVE The bottle is protected with a soft, food grade silicone protective sleeve from tumbles and dings. It is removable and is completely dishwasher safe on or off the bottle. THE DISHWASHER We recommend placing the bottle on the top dishwasher rack.

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  • SAFE: Our glass bottles are BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead and Cadmium free. They won't leach chemicals similar to plastic, won't grow bacteria in its scratches, or rust like metal. Medical grade borosilicate glass (think pyrex) expands and contract very little in extreme temps - preventing cracking in extreme hot or cold.
  • SAVE LIVES: Origin gives 2 of revenue to non-profit water well drilling in rural Ghana to address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. Your purchase helps save lives through clean water.
  • ECO NON-TOXIC: Forever reusable, recyclable, sustainable and soft on the environment. Leak proof lids have food grade silicone O-rings so no liquid touches plastic and leaches no chemical taste. They are stain-resistant and won't retain any flavors or colors from powders or juice.
  • IMPACT-RESISTANT: The food grade silicone sleeve provides maximum impact protection and can generally withstand tips and short falls. Grippy, protective, and removable, the Origin sleeve makes it is easy to hold and quite to set down. It travels well to the gym, to work, or on the go!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: These bottles are Dishwasher Safe with the sleeve on. However, Please hand wash the lids.

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purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Stainless Steel Lid Insert, 12/22 / 32 oz (Midnight Blue, 32 oz)

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Ever wonder what it was like to drink water before plastics came along? Or even before it was mixed with the taste of its metal container? With purifyou's new premium glass water bottle, made from the finest products on earth, you drink from your water bottle with no metal taste or plastic chemicals leaching into your water.

Our glass water bottle is perfected for the environment AND the end user. The water bottle is 100 leak-proof, and 100 kid proof too. Its easy twist-off cap ensures quick access to your own personal oasis. Plus, the glass water bottle features a wide mouth opening that fits ice and fruit, but is also narrow enough to drink without drenching your new shirt.

Our high impact-resistant silicone sleeve also protects your glass water bottle better than any other. The silicone sleeve's non-slip grip and the cap's large O-ring also enable the multi-tasker in you to carry more than you thought possible with just ten fingers.

Beauty and health have finally come together, and our 12 or 22 oz bottles even fit in your purse. They're also small enough for those tiny lunch boxes your kids love too. With our perfectly sized glass water bottle, those plastic bottles in your bag or leaky containers your kids use are a thing of the past. Did we mention our glass water bottle actually fits in those pesky car cup holders too? (all vehicles not guaranteed though)

Time to make life pure again, and to purifyou. Plus, with our satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose, and only a soon-to-be-favorite bottle to gain. So what are you waiting for?

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  • IT'S TIME to purify your lifestyle, and change the way you drink water. Glass is 100 recyclable, and doesn't leach harmful chemicals or unwanted flavors into your water like plastic or metal. Our water bottle is reusable as many times as you'd like, and is entirely BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free, lead free, cadmium free and worry free. Try finding that in another bottle.
  • UNIQUE: Our glass is made from high borosilicate glass, which is more heat resistant than any other commonly used glass. Now you can save the planet and enjoy your warm tea too. Still worried the glass might break? Not so fast - our glass is the most durable in consumer retail, and with the added food-grade high-impact-resistant silicone sleeve for drop protection who knows what you'll be capable of.
  • MADE WITH CARE: Our lid features a stainless steel interior cap body so no water touches the plastic. It's also just the right size between a narrow mouth and wide mouth, quick to twist off, and 100 leak-proof. Our silicone sleeve also acts as an insulator, keeping your beverage hot or cold for extended use (sleeve not removable). Our glass bottles are conveniently both microwave and dishwasher safe (cap should not be placed in microwave)
  • STYLISH AND PORTABLE: Being thinner and lighter than average, you just might find yourself taking your bottle to all sorts of new places. From the yoga mat to those high profile business meetings, our bottle also looks great on camping trips and at the gym. Also a perfect match for essential oils.
  • HELP SAVE THE WORLD TOO, because with every glass water bottle purchased, a portion of our profits is sent directly to building water wells for impoverished communities in Africa. Being a hero for those in need has never been easier. Each bottle sold separately. Sale price available for a limited time.

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32 Oz Glass Water Bottle With Silicone Sleeve Leak Proof Lid 1L Time Marked Measurements BPA-Free For To-Go Travel At Home Reusable Eco Friendly Safe For Hot Liquids Tea Coffee Daily Intake (Black)

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Start your journey to healthier living with the Hydrate 32 ounce glass water bottle by Xtremeglas! This leak proof bottle is made with high quality durable & shatter resistant borosilicate glass wrapped in a cushy silicone sleeve to help protect it when dropped.

Why Xtremeglas?

Our 32 oz bottles feature a unique set of timelines to help you track your daily water intake. Simply fill it up and drink it down by noon. Then fill it up again and drink it down by 6 pm and you have your recommended daily 8 glasses or 64 oz of water!

Using a re-usable glass water bottle keeps disposable plastic water bottles out of landfills, and reduces the extensive carbon footprint from their distribution.


Are there any health advantages of glass over plastic?

YES!! Glass offers peace of mind. Glass is bisphenol A (BPA) free and offers "purity of taste" meaning it doesn't leach any flavors into the water, unlike the plastic and some metal bottles. They also make great coffee, tea and juice containers.

The package includes a 32 ounce glass water bottle inside of a silicone sleeve a lid that features a built-in nylon carry strap to make it easy to carry while on the go.

While this bottle is durable, it is made from glass, and can still be broken. Please handle with care!

These sports bottles are great for any occasion and they make great gifts too! Pick yours up today and get on the road to a healthier lifestyle by drinking more water with Xtremeglas!

Click the BUY NOW button to get your bottle now!

**Product ships in genuine Xtremeglas packaging**

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  • UPDATED & REVISED BOTTLE 3/10/19: LARGE 32 OZ GLASS WATER BOTTLE WITH SILICONE SLEEVE: Silicone sleeve provides protection against drops. The glass is made EXTRA THICK to be more sturdy! Great for travel, on-the-go, at home or the gym!
  • TIME MARKED: 1 Liter glass water bottle with time markers to help you monitor and increase your daily water intake!
  • MEDIUM WIDTH MOUTH WITH LEAK PROOF STAINLESS STEEL LID: This sports bottle WILL NOT LEAK! Our 18-8 food grade stainless steel lids feature a removable food grade silicone o-ring that seals perfectly to the glass, ensuring NO LEAKS! Lid features built in carry strap for those on the go with no worries about dropping it!
  • REUSABLE, BPA FREE, & NO CHEMICAL TASTES - It's healthier to drink from glass knowing you won't be getting any chemical tastes or BPA's from those plastic bottles. Save the environment one drink at a time by using a reusable glass bottle!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE & ESSENTIAL OIL FRIENDLY: The all glass bottle coupled with stainless insert in the lid means you can safely use your essential oils in your bottle! Can be put right in the dishwasher with the sleeve on!

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Clear Glass Water Bottles Set - 6 Pack Wide Mouth with Lids for Juice, Smoothies, Beverage Storage - Made in USA - 16 oz, Durable, Eco Friendly & BPA Free - Reusable, Dishwasher Safe, Leak Proof

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    Water tastes bad after a short time in BPA-rich plastic bottles & it's never good to store juices and smoothies in plastic.
    Our glass water bottles seal in the goodness. Experience clean-tasting chemical-free purity with these specially designed bottles.


    Here's why these water bottles are the "must-have" when you leave home...
    • An extra wide neck for no-spill drinking
    • Airtight caps seal in freshness & won't leak
    • Made by USA manufacturing facilities
    • Easy to add ice or pour in a smoothie without spills
    • Eco-friendly & health-friendly 6-pack water bottles set
    • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
    • Made from thick glass to withstand life on the go & freezing
    • Great for smoothies, protein shakes, sauces, lemonade & water
    • A handsome gift for lovers of healthy lifestyles & eco-friendly living
    • Slender easy fit for refrigerators, car cup holders & gym equipment
    • No chemicals, toxins or BPA's to contaminate your beverages

    No, if you leave enough space (1", no cap) for the freezing contents to expand then these clear glass bottles will not crack or break. The products are made to the highest standards using durable materials.


    No, they are extremely strong.

    **FREE e-books with purchase**
    Created by Vanessa Simkins of, VAS Exclusive has premium products for a healthy lifestyle. Buy with confidence, you're covered by our 100 Money Back Crystal Clear Guarantee, no questions asked.

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    • AIRTIGHT FRESHNESS THAT WON'T LEAK... your juice won't ooze to give you the blues, just lots of sealed-in goodness for fresh juices, smoothies, infused waters, summer lemonade, kombucha, nut milks, cold-brew coffee, iced-teas & delicious sauces
    • WIDE MOUTH WINS EVERY TIME... perfect for filling with ice, making fruit & herb infused waters & adding smoothies from the blender & juices from the juicer, without spills; a pure natural drinking experience & super-easy to clean
    • HIGH QUALITY & DISHWASHER SAFE... no bottle brush needed, but wash the caps by hand only. Manufacturing facilities have supreme standards throughout
    • EXTRA-THICK ECO-FRIENDLY BOTTLES... our glass is clear, & you'll be green; our water bottles set is recyclable, reusable & durable, so you can ditch the plastic to feel fantastic
    • CHEMICAL-FREE PURITY... without toxins, lead or BPAs in our water bottles, you know what you're drinking; unlike plastic, where harmful contaminants can seep into the contents.

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    Kitchen Lux 18oz Glass Water Bottles 6 Pack - Nylon Protective Sleeves, Airtight Screw Top Lids, Portable Carrying Loops - Lead, PVC and BPA Free - Water, Smoothie, Juicer and Beverage Glasses

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    With Kitchen Lux's glass water bottle set you're getting the purest tasting sip of water, juice or any beverage anytime, anywhere! Our portable glass water bottles deliver that satisfying experience whenever you need an energy boost to get you through your day. Plastic bottles are awful for the environment, could contain BPA, PVC or other toxins, and they can worsen the taste of your water or beverage! But these glass bottles have none of those concerns, plus they are designed to be portable with carrying loops on the caps and their protective sleeves!


    Pack of Six 18oz Glass Water Bottles
    6 Nylon Protective Sleeve Pouches With Carrying Loops
    Pure Glass Construction
    BPA Free, Lead Free, No Chemicals or Toxins
    Stainless Steel Airtight Caps with Carrying Loops
    Keeps Beverages Fresh, Does Not Alter Taste
    Perfectly Portable for Gym Bags, Lunchboxes
    Wide Mouth for Easy Cleaning and Pouring
    Great Smoothie and Juicer Caps and Bottles


    It's no secret your body needs to be quenched every now and then but sometimes you're nowhere near a good, healthy source of water or juice. With Kitchen Lux your go-to refreshment is with you at all times! Savor your best juice in a container that is free of any kind of toxins or chemicals that plastic or metal bottles may bring. Constructed purely out of BPA and lead-free glass, you're guaranteed healthy sips of any drink anytime.


    The airtight stainless steel caps make these bottles airtight for no messes! Keeping the bottle in your bag? Your items are perfectly safe! Accidentally knocked over your keyboard? As long as the cap is on and tight, not a single drop will get on it. Keep all of your belongings dry and safe in case of accidents. The lids even come with loops so you can attach it to any hook on your bag or purse for hands-free portability!

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    • ECO FRIENDLY, FRESH TASTING, TOXIN FREE: Say no to plastic! Glass is BPA, lead, PVC and toxin free and has no components that can affect the taste of your beverage. Plus it's better for the environment too!
    • NO LEAKS, NO MESS: Our airtight bottles come with spill proof stainless steel screw on caps for ultimate peace of mind. Toss in your gym bag, hand bag or purse; keep at your office desk, in the car - anywhere!
    • BONUS PROTECTIVE SLEEVES: Each bottle comes in a foam-like nylon pouch to keep your bottle from breaking or cracking with drops and falls. Both the bottle lid and sleeve have carrying loops for easy portability.
    • SLEEK & STYLISH SERVING BOTTLES: Not only great to carry around, these elegant bottles are designed beautifully to serve drinks at a party buffet, kitchen counter or dining room table at any event or setting.
    • CONVENIENT WIDE MOUTH: The wide mouth makes it easy to fill these bottles with homemade juices and smoothies from your blender or juicer. They're easy to clean and dishwasher safe (bottles only, not lids).

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    Chef's Star Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack 18oz Bottles for Beverages and Juicer Use Stainless Steel Leak Proof Caps with Carrying Loop - Including 6 Black Nylon Protection Sleeve

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    At Chef's Star, we never settle for anything less than the very best. Our products are a rare combination of modern design sensibility, healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional craftsmanship which make Swig Savvy so popular in the world of reusable bottles.


    Glass is taste-neutral, so no plastic or metallic taste will affect your beverage - Prove it for yourself! Try one of Chef's Star's glass bottles and let us know what you find out!


    We all know plastic bottles are bad for the environment and not to mention, expensive. Glass not only retains the flavors, but also assures our impact on the environment is minimal - Chef's Star has got you covered with a slim, eco-friendly and visually appealing reusable glass bottle.


    Chef's Star bottles are far and above the best way to store juices and sauces for a variety of reasons. Our bottles offer purity of taste, and won't impart any flavors into whichever liquid you storage in them. They are also free of PBA and phthalates - your safety is always our priority!


    Safely transport your home-squeezed juices and smoothies without worrying. Chef's Star's premium liquid containers feature an AIRTIGHT stainless steel LEAK RESISTANT cap with a CARRYING LOOP that will never leak, no matter in what position it's placed. How convenient!


    We're here if you need us - buy us worry free!


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    • PUREST, SAFEST & MOST CONVENIENT GLASS BOTTLES: Chef's Star glass beverage bottles are made of a pure glass material which is extremely safe, PBA, and lead free. They storage liquids to deliver the best taste without leeching any chemicals or toxins; At Chef's Star, we believe in better living choices - and better bottles too! Don't settle for less than the ABSOLUTE BEST - you deserve it!
    • THE PRETTIEST & MOST EARTH-FRIENDLY JUICE BOTTLES: Just imagine how lovely your freshly squeezed juices will appear on your table or in your fridge in Chef's Star's compact, leak-proof and stylish cylinder glass bottles. They are absolutely the most BEAUTIFUL and decorative glass juice containers that will compliment your kitchen while safely and compactly storing your liquids.
    • SAFELY & EASILY TRANSPORT YOUR HOME-SQUEEZED JUICES: Traveling with your freshly-squeezed beverages and juices has never been any easier! Chef's Star's premium liquid containers feature an AIRTIGHT stainless steel LEAK RESISTANT cap with a CARRYING LOOP that will never leak, no matter in what position it's placed. How convenient!
    • SLIM & SLENDER: Our slim and sleek design makes the glass container set an ideal travel buddy and beautiful display system. It conveniently fits into tight spaces without using too much space! It easily and neatly fits it into your refrigerator, lunch bag or car holder.
    • GUARANTEED: At Chef's Star, good enough is never good enough. We want our customers absolutely delighted and therefor offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, just send the product back our way and we promise to make it right!

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    Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid, 20 oz

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    Water never tasted so good. Simple, clean, green... Ello's Syndicate Glass Water Bottle is the perfect solution for those looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to plastic and stainless bottles. It's BPA and lead free bottle is surrounded by FDA food grade silicone that protects the glass and provides a great gripping surface. Its locking one-touch flip-lid and integrated carry loop make your move from the locker room to the studio a breeze. 20 oz. soda-lime glass bottle, 100 FDA food grade silicone sleeve, BPA-Free Tritan lid with 100 food grade silicone seal. All components tested by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Repeated testing confirms that all Ello products are made from materials that are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate, lead, cadmium and latex. Care & Use: -- Wash and rinse the product thoroughly before using. -- Glass is a fragile material and may break upon impact. Please use appropriate caution. -- If glass bottle breaks or cracks, dispose of immediately. -- Not intended for hot beverages. -- Not intended for carbonated beverages. Carbonation creates pressure and may cause product to leak. -- Do not freeze.

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    • The perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage in style
    • Clean tasting glass is the perfect vessel for water
    • Great for home, work or on the go
    • One-handed push button lid has a convenient carry loop to bring this bottle wherever you go
    • BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead and cadmium free

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    ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid, Teal, 20 oz

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    The Zulu Atlas 20-ounce glass water bottle with flip lid is a great way to keep hydrated on-the-go, at the gym or when you're in the office. The odor-free, stain-free glass preserves the taste and temperature of your favorite beverage in order to give you the great-tasting hydration you need. The protective silicone sleeve and reinforced lid provide maximum impact protection, and the locking flip-lid and one-handed push button operation are designed for fast fluid intake. This Zulu Atlas 20-ounce glass water bottle is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and each bottle is certified BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead free. Zulu is dedicated to creating glass drinkware that provides our customers with the high-quality drinking experience they deserve.

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    • Odor-free, stain-free, clean-tasting glass is the perfect vessel for water
    • Teal protective silicone sleeve for impact Protection
    • Dishwasher safe
    • BPA/bps, phthalates, and PVC free

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    Glass water bottle best