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Super Bright 48 LED 1100 Lumens Max Wireless Water Proof Solar Lights Outdoor Radar Motion Sensor Light Aluminum Housing for Outdoor Security Yard Driveway Garage Wall Light,1 Pack (New Upgrade 2018)

Buy radar detectors for the money
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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


Why Choose HerrysHome?
- HerrysHome has been specializing in research and development of advanced solar LED lights for decades.
- We put years of effort into development of these upgraded products based on our customers request and concerns.
- The unique design of the housing structure,detection sensor,battery,and LEDs have increased reliability and life of our product.
- This is undoubtedly one of the best Solar Lights on the market today, and we are committed to be the best solar lights manufacturer in the world!

Tips from HerrysHome:
- The On/Off switch is on the LED Cover, please press the button 5 seconds to turn the light on.
- Make sure you have the solar panel fully exposed directly to sunlight, especially in the winter or rainy and cloudy days.
- If you install 2 lights in same location put them 10' apart to avoid electromagnetic wave interference.

4 Working Modes
- Dim & Bright Mode: Light is Dim until motion sensor is triggered then the light turns on super bright.
- Off & Bright mode: Light is Off until motion sensor is triggered then the light turns on super bright
- Constant lighting mode: Light is on 30 brightness constant, no motion sensor function
- Emergency mode: Light is super bright and lasts 30 minutes and then shuts off.

Product Specifications
- Output: Maximum 1100 Lumens when 100 full charged, 800 Lumens when above 80 charged
- Solar panel: 5V 3.2W
- Battery: Lithium ion phosphate battery 3.2V 3000mAh. Explosion-Proof, non-memory
- Sensing distance: 16-32ft

- The product includes a 60 day money back guarantee and 5 years warranty. Free lifetime product support!


Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • SUPER BRIGHT is a significant upgrade from HerrysHome previous Solar Lights. There are 48 high quality super bright LEDs that reach 1100 lumens max @ 100 charge and 800 lumens @ 80 charge. The product includes 180 DAY money back 5 YEARS warranty as well as LIFETIME product support guarantee.PROMOTIONGET PRODUCT WITH COMPETITIVE PRICE IN LIMITED TIME!
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY HOUSING (HIGH-END) is lightweight but sturdy. The housing is anodized for a long lasting beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance to last for years, even in harsh outdoor environments. The lampshade is made of UV resistant, anti-yellowing and heat resistance PVC material.
  • MICROWAVE RADAR MOTION DETECTOR is a hi-tech technology based on the Doppler principle. It emits 1mm -1000mm electromagnetic wavelengths to detect moving objects. 360 degree detection easily penetrates glass, wood, and stone up to 32ft.
  • 4 WORKING MODES to handle all of your lighting needs. Dim-Bright mode, Off-Bright mode, Constant lighting mode and Emergency lighting mode. Changing modes is as simple as pushing a button.
  • POLYCRYSTALLINE SILICONE SOLAR PANEL is a structure of PET lamination. It includes a larger surface area and can absorb sunlight much faster allowing for a quicker charge. Explosion-Proof, non-memory, rechargeable 3000mah lithium ion battery last up to 12 hours of continuous lighting.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

Zircon MetalliScanner MT6-FFP Professional Metal Detector Map the Grid and Use on Concrete, Drywall, Lathe and Plaster, Stucco, and More - Protective Case and Battery Included

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


The Zircon MetalliScanner MT 6 electronic metal scanner locates and differentiates between ferrous metal (such as rebar) and non-ferrous metal (such as copper pipe) up to 6 inches (150 mm) deep in solid concrete and other non-metallic surfaces. Use the Zircon MT 6 to locate embedded metal before your drill bit or saw blade does. Find or avoid rebar, cables, pipe, hidden nails in reclaimed lumber, nails/tacks in studs behind lath & plaster walls, electrical boxes, conduit and more. This metal locator can act as a rebar detector to help map out the grid of metal through any nonmetallic construction material, including concrete, tile, stucco, paneling, drywall, plaster, and marble. This powerful metal detector also indicates the target depth in inches and centimeters. When the plus becomes a minus (-), you have crossed over the target and are now moving away. The Zircon MT6 comes complete with a protective aluminum case and a 9V battery. To get started, install the 9V battery and turn on the unit away from the surface being scanned. Note that the tool performs a calibration as soon as it is powered on. It is best to pre-scan the area first to get a general since of what will be detected. Place the unit on the scanning surface and move from side to side. The easy to read LCD screen indicates when you are approaching a metal object with a large plus () sign on the display. Then press the Press to Recalibrate button and repeat the procedure noting the depths of the items being detected. The MT 6 is now delivered to you in our Amazon exclusive easy to open packaging. Backed by our world class customer service and support, we at Zircon know that whether you're a Construction Professional or weekend DIY enthusiast, you'll find the Zircon MT 6 has the technology and durability you're looking for to get the job done right.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • The Zircon MT 6 quickly and easily detects metal in non-metallic surfaces (concrete, tile, plaster, stucco, reclaimed lumber, and more)
  • Detect metal objects, determine if the objects are ferrous (magnetic like rebar) or non-ferrous (non-magnetic like copper pipe), and identify their location to the nearest inch (25 mm) and depth to the nearest 1/2 inch (13 mm)
  • The metal detector's easy to read LCD screen simplifies tasks like mapping the grid and detecting rebar
  • Locate embedded metal behind lath and plaster before your drill bit by locating pattern of nailheads and tacks that attach the wood lath to the studs
  • Comes complete with a 9V battery and protective metal case making it easy to carry from job to job

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Super Bright White Lighting with Wireless Radar Activated Aluminum Alloy 24 LED Waterproof Wall Light for Garden Patio Landscape Fence Yard Path Garage (2-Pack)

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


solar light 24LED

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring necessary. Requires only two screws to hang (included)
  • SUPER BRIGHTNESS: 24 LED / 450 lumens; Definitely brighter than other 48 or 56 low quality LED
  • SENSITIVE & WIDE RANGE SENSOR: Microwave Radar Sensor Receiver, sensing distance up to 5 10 meters. Radar induction is more sensitive than infrared sensing
  • FAST CHARGING & LONG WORKING HOURS: Use monocrystalline silicon Larger solar panel. About 5 hours to fully charged on sunny day. 1500mA Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery delivers more power and longer run-time. It also works perfectly even though on a cloudy day charging
  • SUPER LONG SERVICE LIFE: Aluminum Alloy Shell and Fe battery provides high-end quality; Don't waste money on plastic material solar light from now on; 3-year manufacturer warranty

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


The Cobra ESD 7570 9- band radar/laser detector with UltraBright data display, has an ultra compact design with an improved range for high performance with refined style. The ESD 7570 features a digital signal strength meter to provide relative proximity to the target, city/highway selector to reduce the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas, LaserEye 360 degree detection, VG-2 undetectable/alert, Spectre1 undetectable/alert, Safety Alert warns driver of emergency vehicles and road hazards from system equipped with Safety Alert transmitters. This product is FCC Compliant.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

24 LED Solar Lights Aluminum Alloy Housing IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights 360Radar Motion Sensor Security Wall Lights for Step, Garden, Yard, Deck(2 Pack)

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


Licwshi SL02 is one of the brightest solar light on the market which uses best Aluminum material, has smart appearance design, powerful function and high technical content. It took 22 months from research and development to finally launch on the market. And it owns several technical patents from China, USA and EU. It is a great product, you won't regret to choose it!

1. Solar light must be used in a dark environment, in a dark environment, long press the switch for 5 seconds, start the circuit
2. Stay away from street lights, or other light sources, the solar light need a dark environment to work well

The lighting mode will be changed circularly with each press of the button.
Press the button for 5 seconds to start circuit with the first light mode.
1.Body induction dim mode
2. Body induction mode
3. Always lighting mode
4. Emergency light mode
Choose the most appropriate mode for your needs and desires.

5 main features:
Aluminum Alloy Housesturdy ,resists corrosion, waterproof IP65, 10 years of life
Radar Infrared Detectivemore accurate and sensitive which allows 360 detection of movement. Sensing distance farther (17-33feet or 5-10meter)
1500 mAh lithium iron phosphate batteryLarge capacity, Anti-explosion, longer lasting
Monocrystalline silicon solar panelabsorbes light faster and can full charge in just 6 hrs.
450lm Ultra BrightnessWader double gold wired LED lights-- Brighter and more durable, Illuminate 30 square meters.

Licwshi SL02 includes a 90 days money back & 18-month warranty.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • Aluminum alloy housingIt is lightweight but sturdy and resists corrosion so it will look great and last a long time(10 years life span).It protects the light from various weather conditions and damage.
  • Radar Motion SensorIt is more accurate and sensitive which allows 360 degree detection of movement. The motion sensor is not hampered or affected by height or angle. It will detect any movement in 17 to 33 feet5-10 Meter range.
  • Ultra Bright LED Solar LightsLicwshi SL02 have 24 bright LED lights. That means each light can light up 323 sq.ft. Bright enough to offer excellent illumination and turn the dark space into a bright lighted space. Great detector for security. No worry about being outdoors in the dark at night.
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery1500 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery is explosion-proof,longer lasting,more durable to keep your lights powered night after night. Powerful Energy:Monocrystalline silicon solar panel means a improved and unique feature with a larger surface, that absorbes light faster and can charge in just 6 hrs. Solar powered means saving on your power bill and safer for the environment.
  • Quick and easy installationThey only take seconds to minutes to install.No wiring necessary, go green and save on your power bull with these solar power outdoor security lights.The Licwshi solar light is perfect choice to be used in garden, pool, patio,yard, driveway, stairs, outside wall etc. Heat resistant and weatherproof, no worry about outdoor destroy.90-day money-back guarantee and 18-month parts and labor warranty.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

Valentine One Radar Detector

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


The Valentine One V1 Radar detector is one of the highest performing radar detectors on the market. One reason for this is multiple radar antennas! The only other detector with two radar antennas is the Bel STi Driver, but in the STi both antennas face forward. In the Valentine One, there is one forward antenna and one rear-facing antenna. Using this combination of antennas, it effectively tells you the band and strength of the radar signal, along with the number of "bogeys," or radar units being detected. It will also tell you what direction the signal is coming from, and provide the best rear detection out of every other windshield-mounted detector on the market. Even when this sounds too good to be true, there's more. The Valentine One has excellent laser reception, consistently appearing at the top of tests in this category. In addition to the super high-performance of Valentine's detector, this model will never become obsolete. The very first Valentine detectors from 1992 look identical to the ones today, and can be sent in to Valentine to be updated with the latest hardware and software (charges may apply). If you decide on a Valentine One, you'll be in good hands with the same detector for the rest of your life.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360 Protection against all types of Laser
  • Rear Radar Antenna
  • Ku Band Detection
  • Arrow Directional Indicators

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Awanber Solar Motion Sensor Flood Lights Outdoor, 120Leds 1100Lumens High Brightness Rechargeable Solar Powered Security Motion Activated Light Dusk to Dawn for Street, Garage, Pathway, Yard, Garden

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com



Solar panel: 6V 10W

Battery: 3.7V 6600mAh lithium battery

Charging time:8 hours

Working time: 2-3 nights(Fully Charged)

Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K

Material: Aluminum Glass

Feature: Light sensor Radar motion sensor

Long Working Time

Once the battery is full charged, it can be used for 2 or 3 nights.

Energy Saving

No electricity cost, Recharged by solar panel under sunlight.

Easy to install

Equipped with 16ft length cables between solar panel and the flood light. You only need to connect the cable, adjust the angle you like ,place solar panel under sunlight.

Auto on/off & Motion activated

It will turn on itself once darkness falls and switches itself off once daylight starts.When people come,it well full bright.

Package Included

1* Solar light

1* Solar panel

1* 16 feet Extension Cable

1 set of Screws

1* Manual


- The performance of the Solar Light depends on the geographical location, weather.

- The Solar Flood lights should be fully charged by direct sunlight for 8-10 hours before initial use.

- Connect the wiring on the lamp body with the other wiring on the solar panel, the solar light will Light up, and then turn it off after 3 seconds,

now the light under the photosensitive control state or induction detection condition state.

- If the solar panel faces the light, and the solar light will not shine. When the solar panels cover the light, the solar light will be slightly bright or induction lighting.

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • High-Capacity Battery PackBuilt-in 6600mAh lithium-ion battery pack (2200mAh*3), it has over charge and over discharge protection function which can extend the life of the battery. Once the battery is full charged, it can be used for 2 or 3 Nights. So you will not worry about the continuous rainy days.
  • Motion Sensor ControlThe solar powered security flood light has microwave radar to induct and also the range of motion sensor can be up to 20-26ft(6-8m) wide. At night, It will be full brighting when the motion sensor detecting someone. And then returning to the dim light after 30 seconds if there is nobody being detected.
  • High-Efficient Solar Panel & IP65 WaterproofThe conversion rate of A-grade polycry stalline solar panel can up to 18 which can transfer and store more energy to create longer lighting time. Meanwhile toughened glass and waterproof resin materials are used for encapsulation, the solar panel will be more durable and longer service life. IP65 waterproof prevent bank in rain suitable for outdoor in any extreme weather conditions all year round.
  • Dusk to Dawn Flood Security LightFor this solar powered flood light, it is built-in light sensor and will turn on the dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. Equipped with 120pcs super-bright LEDs and 1100 lumens flood lights, the lightshine will up to 50m on your courtyard,walkways,garden, aisle, porch,deck and more places.It can make your life more convenient and nice.
  • Three Easy installation Ways & 1 Year WarrantyWith adjustable wall mount bracket,you can install it on a wall as a security light , mount it on the pole or just put it on the ground. No AC or DC power is needed.1 year warranty and If there are any problems about your order, please feel free to contact us and we will provide a satisfied solution for you within 24 hours.

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Radar Sensor Lights Aotson 48LEDs 800 Lumens Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Wall Lamp with 360 Degrees Induction for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden with Motion Activated Auto On/Off

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

Dual-Head LED Wall Pack, IP65 Solar Wall Light Waterproof, 6000K Motion Sensor Radar Induction Security Flood Light Rotatable, Double Head Adjustable LED Light Garden Fencing Outdoor, EMANER

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


Motion sensor Dual-head Solar LED wall pack light, 3 sensing modes high brightness waterproof for outdoor

Note:In order to save shipping cost, the lamp did not completely assembled in package, please follow instruction to assemble the lamp before mounting to the wall!

Material: LED ABS plastic solar panel 
Solar panel: Poly-silicon 5.5V, 2.5W
Battery: Lithium rechargeable battery 2*3.7V 1500mAh
Power: 5W * 2
Lighting: 450LM * 2
Charging Time: 4-6 Hrs under direct sunlight
Working Time: 5 hrs
Color Temperature: 6000K
Sensing distance: 10 meters

Photocell Sensor inside Solar Panel
Turn off in the daytime and Turn On at night automatically.

Internal Motion sensor with 3 Modes Options:
Mode 1.Sensing Micro-Light (people come->100 brightness, people leave -> 10 brightness)
Mode 2.Sensing Switch (people come->100 brightness, people leave -> turn off )
Mode 3.No-Sensing -> Always maintain at 50 brightness

Longer Working Time 
Adopting advanced high-efficiency solar panel & super larger capacity 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, in summer daytime, you only need to charge about 4-6 hours, you can use for more than 5 hours. Greatly shorten the charging time and prolong illumination time.

Adjustable Angle Design 
Both the solar panel and dual head lights can be swiveled 180 degree. You can adjust the light angle to illuminate the perfect spot and adjust the solar panel angle for optimum sun exposure.

Package Include:
1 x double-head LED wall pack solar sensor light 
(including a fixed plate, a solar panel, two light panels, mounting screws, an user manual)

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • 3 TYPES SENSING MODE OPTIONSEquipped with microwave radar induction inside housing, high sensitivity, sensing range of 10m / 33ft.
    3 sensing modes options:
    1.Sensing Micro-Light Mode (people come->100 brightness, people leave -> 10 brightness)
    2.Sensing Switch Mode (people come->100 brightness, people leave -> turn off )
    3. No-Sensing Mode -> Always maintain at 50 brightness
  • LIGHTING & DECORATIONDouble head wall pack turn on at night and turn off in day time automatically. IP65 waterproof, suitable for courtyards, municipal buildings, parks, villas, residential quarters, corridors, rooftops, streets, driveways,fences, gutters, etc.
  • WORK WITH SOLAR & EASY TO INSTALL This LED outdoor solar flood light equipped with high performance solar panel charge 4-6 hours, can work 5 hours or above, get all night security lighting without any expense. Simply choose your preferred location to illuminate, easily be installed to a wall.
  • SUPER BRIGHT & 180 DEGREE Rotatable This LED security solar flood lights are incredible bright. The dual head wall light all parts can be 180 degree adjustable.
  • 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE12 months unlimited warranty is offered to our customers, email us for any query and we will be in touch within 24 hours. New replacement unite or refund will be provided.

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Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulbs Radar Motion Detector Light 100 Watt Equivalent E26 Base A19 Indoor Outdoor Lighting Lamp 12W Soft White 6500K 2 Pack

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Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com


Main Features:

1, Movement Induction:

More sensitive than human sensing (can detect non-thermosensitive movements)

2, Energy saving and environmental protection

Built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor, it does not light during the day and it detects sports lights at night, saving up to 80, saving electricity.

3, Simple and safe replacement

Zeben retains the promise of lamp performance and quality. You can refer to the Zeben box to describe the light output, lifetime and wattage.

Long Life

On average, we are open about five hours a day, which means we use about 2,000 hours a year. However, the actual lighting time varies depending on the season (winter and summer), weather conditions (sunny and cloudy days) and location (bathroom and bedroom). The LED has an average life of at least 25,000 hours, an average of 25 years.

Product Specifications:

Size: 70*130mm

Package weight: 176

Power: 12W

Sensor: Built-in smart radar and dusk to dawn sensor

Sensing: Sensing range 15-26 feet, height 7-13 feet, angle 120 degrees

Luminous flux: 10000lm

Brightness: 6500K

Input: AC 85-265V

Base type: E27 / E26

Life cycle: 50,000 hours

After Sales Service

18 months free warranty, free replacement or full refund, and 24H friendly after-sales service.

Pay attention to the use environment:Not suitable for use in metal environments

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com
  • Built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor: When the lighting is dark <6lux, the sensor bulb will automatically go into standby mode and be ready to turn on when the motion detector is started. This happens when dusk or night darkness. When the light is brighter than 6lux, the lamp will switch to energy-saving sleep mode during the day and the lamp will not turn on.
  • Built-in smart radar sensor: The motion sensor bulb is a radar sensor bulb, which is more sensitive and penetrating than the infrared sensor bulb. The sensing range is 15-26 feet and the sensing height is 7-13 feet. When the sensing angle is 120 degrees, any object moving in the dark will trigger the light in the detection range, it will automatically light, and will extinguish in 30 seconds without moving.
  • Perfect Lighting Brightness: Lighting Lamp output power: 12W; input voltage: AC85-265V; Soft White (6500K); light: 1200lm; LED Light Bulbs base type: E26 / E27, can illuminate your channel with Ambient, corridor Waiting for space
  • Energy Saving: The sensor smart light bulb has a built-in dual sensor, which is much more energy efficient than traditional lighting fixtures, equivalent to a 120 watt incandescent light bulb. The sensor light has dual 360 degree sensors that automatically turn on when objects are detected at dusk. Closed at dawn. Great savings on your wallet
  • Lifespan: This bulb uses 15,000 hours of life, the bulb will last 13 years or more (based on 3 hours of use per day); we have 18 months warranty and friendly customer service, if you have any questions, please contact us

Buy radar detectors for the money from Amazon.com

Radar detectors for the money